• NPA to Duterte: No, thanks
    In People's War, Philippines
    Duterte’s call for NPA members to surrender, in exchange for cash, housing and jobs, is pure hogwash. For years, the counterinsurgency program CLIP (Comprehensive Local Integration Program), a […]
  • Florida DOC Charges Political Prisoner Kevin Rashid Johnson With “Inciting A Riot” For Reporting On Operation PUSH
    In Imperialist States, Political Prisoners, USA
    Incarcerated Florida organizer and Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter) Kevin “Rashid” Johnson is facing political repression in the form of an “inciting a […]
  • What the MER-RSM Has Done in 2017
    In Canada, Imperialist States
    This year has been full of major events for the MER-RSM and for the revolutionary movement in Canada. We have held our 6th Pan-Canadian Congress in February, where delegates from 14 sections across […]
  • Maoists torch construction equipment in Malkangiri
    In India, People's War
    After a few days’ lull, Maoists on Tuesday again went on the rampage at Luler village under the Mathili police station in the district and set ablaze road construction equipment, opposing the road […]
  • Internationalist MLM bloc marches in Berlin in memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht
    In Germany, Imperialist States, United Kingdom
    Jan 14th Berlin  The annual Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration in Berlin had among its participants the militant youth organisation Jugendwiderstand, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organisation. […]
  • Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down
    In Imperialist States, Political Prisoners, USA
    During early 2018 prisoners across Florida are gonna “laydown” in nonviolent protest of the intolerable conditions in Florida’s prisons. The objectionable conditions being protested include unpaid […]
  • LLL2018 – Report of the Irish Socialist Republicans
    In Germany, Imperialist States, Ireland, National Liberation Struggle
    Irish Socialist Republicans were honoured to be invited by Jugendwirderstand to the annual Lenin/Luxemburg/Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin this year. On Saturday 13th January a representative gave […]
  • Cadres Of CPI Maoist Raid Construction Site In West Singhbhum District Of Jharkhand
    In India, People's War
    ROURKELA: After a lull, the Jharkhand-based operatives of the outlawed CPI (Maoists) outfit on Monday set afire five vehicles engaged in a construction project at Serengada hamlet near Kudaburu […]
  • On AFP’s grand delusion of reducing “half” of the NPA
    In People's War, Philippines
    Much like its president, the AFP is delusional in saying that it will finish off the NPA or in AFP chief Rey Guererro’s reprise, reduce the NPA “by half” by the middle of 2018. The AFP chief made his […]
  • Cadres Of CPI Maoist Stall Construction Of Ten Watchtowers In Palamu Tiger Reserve
    In India, People's War
    Construction of ten multipurpose watch towers in Kutku range of tiger reserve Palamu is held up because of CPI Maoists’ intervention. Sources said the Maoists fear that these watch towers will be […]
  • Cadres Of CPI Maoist Torch Construction Vehicles In Lanjigarh Area Of Kalahandi District
    In India, People's War
    Bhawanipatna: In a bid to disrupt road construction process in Lanjigarh area in Kalahandi district, a group of armed Maoists torched several vehicles and equipment on Tuesday late night. The Ultras […]
  • Answer from Vice-President Mogherini to MEP Lidia Senra on Professor Saibaba’s case
    In India, Political Prisoners
    India Vermella: In token of a new sign of cynicism, hypocrisy and complicity with the genocide that is happening in India against the Adivasis, Dalits and activists, the European Commission answered […]
  • Maoists release letter against police atrocities
    In India, People's War
    Malkangiri: Maoists who had surrendered in the recent past have done so due to pressure from the police and people who are inspired by the Maoist ideology will never lay down arms and will continue […]
  • NPA punishes mining company in Davao Oriental
    In People's War, Philippines
    Red fighters of Comval-Davao Gulf Subregional Command-New People’s Army raided RAM Aggregates, Inc., a nickel mining company in Brgy. Puntalinao, Banay-banay, Davao Oriental on January 4, 2018 at 4 […]
  • NPAs kill 26 troops in between truce
    In People's War, Philippines
    The New People’s Army (NPA) in Southern Mindanao claimed Sunday, January 7, that it killed at least 26 soldiers in ​different gunbattles in December but claimed that it happened outside its […]