• India: Maoists writings appear in Tadwai
    In India, People's War
    Tadwai (Bhupalpalli): In the wake of Martyr’s Memorial Week observed from July 28 to August 4, pamphlets by the CPI (Maoist) have appeared in the district on Thursday causing commotion among the […]
  • 11 AFP troops killed, 10 wounded in two successive NPA attacks in Zamboanga del Norte
    In People's War, Philippines
    On July 16, at around 5:30 a.m., an NPA platoon under the Zamboanga Peninsla Regional Operations Command ambushed a 22-person unit of the 44th IB (16 army regulars and 6 CAFGU elements) in Purok […]
  • Beyond Evictions: A Reflection on Speaking with the Community
    In Imperialist States, USA
    Our goal is to create organizations that are capable of defending themselves from the police that defend this white supremacist system. That is, the goal is not charity, it is solidarity. Our goal is […]
  • Account of July 19 Arakan incident
    In People's War, Philippines
    Information Bureau Communist Party of the Philippines 20 July 2017 Based on reports submitted by the NPA-Regional Operations Command in Southern Mindanao. At 6 a.m. of July 19, Red fighters of the […]
  • Revolutionaire Eenheid’s short interview with Joma Sison on theory and practice
    In Imperialist States, Netherlands, People's War, Philippines
    Check out the first in a series of short interviews with comrade Joma Sison! He is the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines and currently he is chief consultant of the National […]
  • Disabled ‘Maoist’ Professor Saibaba’s life in danger
    In India, People's War, Political Prisoners
    His wife Vasantha has posted an emotional appeal on Facebook, asking for the National Human Rights Commission’s intervention Alleged ‘Maoist’ Professor G. N. Saibaba who is currently locked in Anda […]
  • UK: Red Block at the Tollpuddle Festival of Socialism
    In Imperialist States, United Kingdom
    The Red Block of Revolutionary Praxis and Democracy and Class Struggle were at the Tollpuddle Festival of Socialism – The Red Block was born out of the No to NATO in Newport a few years ago and […]
  • On the plan to extend martial law in Mindanao to end of year
    In People's War, Philippines
    Information Bureau Communist Party of the Philippines 18 July 2017 The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) firmly denounces the plan of GRP President Duterte to extend martial law in Mindanao up […]
  • Nationwide martial law a declaration of war vs CPP: Joma
    In People's War, Philippines
    MANILA – Peace negotiations between the government and communist rebels would be jeopardized if President Rodrigo Duterte extends martial law or declares it nationwide, Communist Party of the […]
  • Discussing socio-economic reform proposals is the enabling environment conducive to peace talks
    In People's War, Philippines
    Media Release 14 July 2017 “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The enabling environment most conducive to the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations is the buckling down to work in crafting a […]
  • JMP: The Argument of Continuity and Rupture
    In Canada, Imperialist States, Theory
    Now that it has been a little over half a year since Continuity & Rupture was released I think it is time to do another post about this book. There are several reasons for this new round of […]
  • PFLP salutes Jerusalem operation as qualitative achievement of Palestinian resistance
    In National Liberation Struggle, Palestine
    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the heroic operation carried out by three young strugglers in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday morning, which led to their […]
  • NPA arrests police officer in Davao Oriental amid worsening martial law attacks
    In People's War, Philippines
    Despite intensified enemy attacks both against its fighting units and civilian masses under martial law, the NPA in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley shows there is but one way to address the […]
  • Class Standpoint against Drugs
    In Imperialist States, Norway, Theory
    When we as communists take a position regarding drugs, we need to make it clear that we take it from the point of view of our proletarian class standpoint and not from subjective perceptions and […]
  • 2 days of encounter: NPA vs. 8th IB
    In People's War, Philippines
    Ka Malem Mabini, Spokesperson NPA-North Central Mindanao 11 July 2017 Press Release CABANGLASAN, BUKIDNON – Members of the New People’s Army – South Central Bukidnon Sub-Regional Command […]