• Chhattisgarh Maoists attack: 70% attackers were women
    In India, People's War, Proletarian Feminism
    Chhattisgarh, April 25: A CRPF soldier, who was injured during a gunbattle with Maoists in Kalapathar area of south Bastar district of Chhattisgarh on Monday had said 70 per cent of the Maoists were […]
  • Sukma Attack: 26 CRPF Personnel Dead In Encounter With Maoists
    In India, People's War
    HIGHLIGHTS Six men were injured and they have been airlifted for treatment The CRPF personnel were providing security to road construction workers On 11 March, 12 CRPF men died after being ambushed […]
  • United Kingdom: Phoney Reasons for Voting
    In Imperialist States, United Kingdom
    Although most people are now pretty disillusioned with governments and political parties, they still feel that they ought to vote. The suggestion that people positively reject the existing political […]
  • Defend The Right To Protest!
    In Ireland, National Liberation Struggle
    As a crowd of over two thousand gathered outside Ireland’s Central Bank in Dublin City centre, an activist from Socialist-Republican party “éirígí” climbs the platform, his name is […]
  • Red Salute to the Communist Party of the Philippines for its Second Congress
    In France, Imperialist States, People's War, Philippines
    The Maoist Communist Party congratulates the Communist Party of the Philippines on its Second Congress, which was successfully held from 24 October to 7 November 2016. The Maoist Communist Party […]
  • Norway: Red Block for the 1st May 2017
    In Imperialist States, Norway
    Red Block against capitalism and its wars – make way for a communist party dedicated to the struggle! Tjen Folket organizes Red Block May the 1st in 5 cities in 2017. In addition, we participate in […]
  • Prosecute Palparan for extrajudicial killings
    In People's War, Philippines
    Washington, DC, US – “While General Jovito Palparan was charged and is now prosecuted for the disappearance of two women activists, he is yet to be prosecuted for the killings of more […]
  • Manipur Maoist Leader Have Different View on Unification of Rebel Groups
    In Manipur, National Liberation Struggle, People's War
    Imphal, April 21: The rise of Maoist insurgence in the region is a serious threat to the running of a proper democratic form of government in the region. This is being stated because the armed outfit […]
  • Manipur Maoist Founder Says the Ultimate Aim of Their Party is to Establish Communist Society
    In Manipur, National Liberation Struggle, People's War
    Imphal, April 20: Armed opposition group popularly known as Maoists which is operating at various northern and Southern state of India particularly at various area of Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, […]
  • YPG: Turkey and affiliated groups continue attacking Rojava
    In Kurdistan, National Liberation Struggle
    The People’s Defence Units (YPG) Press Office released a statement providing detailed information about the continued attacks and activities of the Turkish army and affiliated groups on […]
  • ILPS condems Trump’s escalation of wars, calls on the people to fight US imperialism
    In Imperialist States, USA
    By Prof. Jose Maria Sison Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee April 19, 2017 The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns the escalation of wars of aggression by the US […]
  • Even 50 years after it began, Maoism is alive and kicking. Here’s why
    In India, People's War
    It was March 1967. Poor farmers armed with lathis, bows and arrows raided the paddy granaries of jotedars at Naxalbari, situated at the tri-junction of India, Nepal and Bangladesh (then, East […]
  • RSYM : Red Salute to Comrade Narayan Sanyal!
    In Bangladesh, People's War
    PEOPLES WAR OF INDIA LONG LIVE MARXISM-LENINISM-MAOISM LONG LIVE The people who wished boldly to write a new history of India, Narayan Sanyal was one of them. 70’s turbulent decade of armed […]
  • Netherlands: Red Block 1st of May: The Struggle Will Continue!
    In Imperialist States, Netherlands
    For the first time in Netherlands, several anti-imperialist organization call for a Red Block during the 1st May demonstration in Amsterdam.  “All the wealth in our society is being produced by […]
  • In memory of comrade Narayan Sanyal of CPI (Maoist)
    In India, People's War
    Redspark team sadly informs you that our dedicated revolutionary comrade Narayan Sanyal of CPI (Maoist) has died in his 84th year, on April 17th, 2017.   He died in hospital in Kolkata, after a long […]