Reply to the intrigues sowed by the hypocrite BGen. Arevalo

There is no end to the lies and intrigues mouthed by 303rd Brigade BGen. Benedict Arevalo to blemish the prestige of the New People’s Army (NPA) and the entire revolutionary movement.

Arevalo would like to project that his intelligence assets are innocent civilians that were mercilessly killed by the NPA. The revolutionary government of the people established in the countrysides exercises revolutionary justice based on the International Humanitarian Law and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), an agreement between the NDFP and GRP. The military agents and informers are subjected to revolutionary justice but are not automatically granted the death sentence. First, they are warned, given education and convinced to change their ways. If they continue to harm the revolutionary movement, especially if they have blood debts against the people, they are meted the capital punishment.

All those sentenced with the capital punishment are granted due process. This means that the cases are discussed and there are affidavits and witnesses. A people’s court is established to hear and judge the case. The people’s court ensures that the accused are informed of the complaint and are granted the freedom to reply and defend themselves. In cases that the accused fights back when arrested, the arresting team has the right to defend itself especially when the accused is armed and dangerous.

The fascist-terrorist AFP/PNP relies on their intelligence operatives and informers planted in the revolutionary bases to gather information and data on the movement of the NPA. BGen. Arevalo fumes mad along with his officers because losing their eyes and ears assures the failure of their counter-revolutionary campaign.

Arevalo is a hypocrite like his master Duterte. All those meted with the death penalty has been claimed and the basis explained by the NPA to the public unlike the murders committed by the butcher AFP and PNP of Duterte that continue to deny their crimes like the Sagay 9 Massacre, killing of peasant and human rights advocates Atty. Ben Ramos and Coun. Bernardino 鈥淭oto鈥 Patigas. In Oplan Sauron 1 & 2 and other Sauron-type of murders, illegal arrests and trumped up cases, there are clear accountabilities of state agents who shamelessly assert the legitimacy of their operations.

In the end of June and this month, more innocent civilians are victimized by human rights violations and bloody murders. These happened in Himamaylan City, La Castellana, Silay City and Escalante City in Negros Occidental and in Guihulngan City and Manjuyod in Negros Oriental. According to reports received by the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC), there are already 20 victims, 17 illegal arrests and 3 brutally murdered, in a new series of Sauron-type operations. As of now, political extrajudicial killings in Negros under Duterte’s tyrannical rule are beyond 70 wherein more than 50 are peasants. Thousands more were murdered nationwide under Duterte’s Oplan Tokhang.

In relation to the successful offensives of the NPA and its encounters, the policy of the mercenary AFP and PNP is to hide their KIA and WIA to save face. The AFP and PNP later falsely claim that the NPA is getting weaker in Negros and has lost its capacity to fight the troops of the reactionary government.

The 303rd Brigade spokesperson further spins that the NPA’s use of command detonated explosives (CDX) violates the CARHRIHL. This type of bomb utilized by the NPA requires an operator to control its explosion. As a matter of fact, it cannot be considered a landmine. It is safer for civilians compared to the military’s indiscriminate use of mortars, canyons and bombs dropped from their airplanes and helicopters such as what happened in Marawi City which resulted to thousands of deaths.

Arevalo spews lies to a greater extent by insisting that the NPA only ends up with three fates: to be killed, surrender or arrested. For the NPA sacrifices and hardships are daily companions and its members are ready to face these. The NPA and the entire revolutionary movement carry forward the national democratic revolution in order to gain national liberation and democracy for the people. Those who offered their lives are honored by the people and are regarded as great martyrs who contributed to establishing victory. Unlike the AFP/PNP that are hated by the people because they empty the coffers of the nation to spend for their bloody operations and for their corruption through fake surrenderees and recycled firearms.

Who are the true terrorists, liars and hypocrites? Who are the enemies of the people? They are BGen Arevalo and Duterte who vomit intrigues and deception if only to defend their already exposed anti-people intentions. It is clear to the people that the AFP and PNP are instruments to defend the interests of the ruling class of big bourgeois compradors and land lords.

The AGC calls on all patriotic and pro-democracy rank-and-file and officials of the AFP/PNP to unite with people and make a stand against human rights violations and mass murders committed by the US-Duterte regime. You will greatly help in exposing the corruption, lies, treachery and anti-people nature in your ranks to give justice to the victims and uphold genuine and lasting peace based on social justice.

To the Filipino people especially of Negros Island, it is about time that we face the evil intent of the US-Duterte regime to destroy the revolutionary movement all over the country and to preserve the fascist state. Let us intensify the armed revolution and raise the level of the people’s war until victory. Our people’s war is a just war because its goal is to free the people especially the peasants and workers to fight for their interests against the exploitative and repressive system under the US-Duterte regime. Our bright future depends on the victory of our armed revolution.

Ka Juanito Magbanua
Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Spokesperson
New People’s Army Regional Operational Command
Negros Island 


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.