Cadres Of Chand Led CPN Execute Police Spy In Morang District

Morang District, December 8: A teacher has been found shot dead in Miklajung of Morang district in southeastern Nepal on Tuesday.

The victim has been identified as Rajendra Shrestha, 54, a teacher of local Saraswati Basic School. Police have suspected that cadres of the Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biblav’-led Communist Party of Nepal executed him.

“Our team is soon reaching the incident,” SP Santosh Khadka, the Morang District Police Office says.

A senior police official in the district says the party had accused Shrestha of spying.

The victim’s nephew Mahesh Shrestha had informed police about his uncle’s execution. He told the police that his uncle was executed at around 7 am today in a nearby forest.

It has been learned that the party cadres have been using the Miklajung area for military exercise. Two party leaders were arrested in possession of some arms and ammunition there in late October.

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