Rojava’s Autonomous Administration publishes statement on Moscow talks

The Democratic Autonomous Administration shared the details of the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which took place in Moscow on Friday.

The Delegation of the Democratic Autonomous Administration published a statement on the details of the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, including Syrian political figures.

The following were included in the statement:

“Some invited people attended the meeting, some groups were not ready. The political outcome of the ceasefire declared after the talks in Astana was evaluated in the meeting and it was declared to the participants that decision 2254 will be implemented.

Our views on the Astana negotiations have been expressed to Russian representatives. The Russian officials also supported us at the point that it is not right to take decisions about Syria with only a few perspectives. And we have stated that no one can assume that these decisions will be taken. We emphasized that it is an internal problem that concerns Syria.

In the meeting it was explained that the road map to be followed in the Geneva talks to be held in February was discussed and we offered the Russian officials our views on the decisions taken in Astana. The officials stated that these decisions should be discussed with the Syrian circles.

It was said that the decisions taken are only about the new debate process on Syria, which will be put to start seriously. Just as how it has been mentioned in the 2012 Geneva talks, the 2015 Vienna documents, it was mutually expressed that a democratic system will be declared through political ways to solution.

In order to implement a solution with all the political groups and the opposition, we have called to come together with those parties who were excluded from talks on Syria. With such a meeting, we think that a new road map will be determined for the Syrian people for the exit from the crisis in Syria in the Geneva talks.”

Source: Kurdishquestion