Revolutionaries: “Don’t count on politicians, struggle collectively for a worthy life!”

[Revolutionary Unity received this message on their e-mail address]

Last night revolutionaries spread various posters in the popular neighborhoods of the Hague.

The posters call on oppressed classes and groups to struggle collectively for a dignified existence.

The collective struggle for a better life is of great importance.

Our jobs are becoming more precarious, affordable housing is hard to find, healthcare is becoming incredibly expensive and a lot of people feel unsafe in the streets.

Working women are paid significantly less and are often the victim of sexual violence.

Workers of color have lower chances of finding employed and are blamed for a large amount of the problems in our city.

Many of our youth deal with depression, anxiety and burn outs; all the result of a demanding and inhumane economic system.

Therefore, oppressed classes and groups are in great need of better living conditions.

Because of the municipal elections politicians come to our neighborhoods and claim to be able to improve our lives. They confront our people with false hope and unrealistic promises.

For the last thirty years, these politicians have never been able to solve our problems. They only increased our exploitation, the racism and sexism.

For example, the previous government cut back forty billion euros. This is how they made the working people pay for the crisis of bankers and politicians.

Our message is different. We call on the oppressed classes and groups to organize themselves and to struggle collectively for a better live. Because no election result will be able to significantly improve our lives.

We like to remember our people to one of the lessons we have learned in the psat.

Friedrich Engels already stated in the communist manifesto that:

“One thing especially was proved by the Commune, viz., that “the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery, and wield it for its own purposes.”

Both the municipal and the national government serve the interest of those that own capital, land and resources. That’s why we, those who do not have these possessions, have to rely on our own strength.

No politician will make an end to our exploitation by bosses, bankers or landlords.

We can build our own organizations that improve the quality of our life. They will strengthen us in our protracted struggle, that will end every form of oppression and exploitation.

Elections are not our means to a dignified existence.

That’s why we say:

  • Don’t count on politicians, struggle collectively for a decent life!
  • Organize our people for the protracted struggle against oppression and exploitation!
  • All power to the oppressed classes and groups!

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.