Germany, Berlin: Revenge for Thälmann!

Come to Spandau! The Fascists want to walk through our city and the working-class neighborhood of Spandau in just a few hours under shameful slogans. They demand “revenge for Hess,” an idiot and genocidal fascist, who died at an undeserved 93 years.

Yesterday was one of the world’s most important commemorations of a death. 73 years ago yesterday, Hitler’s fascists murdered Ernst Thälmann, the unyielding, communist leader of the German working class. On this day of his martyrdom we performed an unannounced demonstration with torches in front of his memorial in Thälmann Park in Berlin, read a speech on his life and work, and concluded with the slogans “Glory and Honor to the Martyrs!”, “Your legacy, Our struggle – Youth, let us Resist! ” and “Ernst Thälmann lives on in the struggle!”.

We swear we will avenge him and all of our movement’s martyrs. Vengeance is in the struggle! Everyone to Spandau, let us fight the fascist rats, the mortal enemies of the working class and of the people!

Hatred and death to reaction!
Vengeance for Thälmann!



C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.