The planet is burning! Capitalism-imperialism destroys!

The planet is on fire. And we are not talking about fires that are likely to happen because of the summer. There has been a global scale catastrophe for several months that threatens to change dramatically the climate of our planet.

The fire in the Amazon forest continued for over 25 days. Further, to the northeast, 28 million acres have been completely destroyed by fires that still burn in Siberia. The size of affected areas is equal to the size of Massachusetts. The smoke travelled beyond the Pacific Ocean and reached Alaska and Canada. In central Africa, silence covers the ecological crime of 6.902 fires in Angola, 3.395 fires in Congo and over 10.000 fires in total.

The reactions of the governments of the countries affected by the fires and the so-called “international public opinion” are spreading hypocrisy, in some cases even provocative. Like the one from the far-right president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who, after idling in the first critical hours and days, was forced under the international pressure to act more energetically against the Amazon fires.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the governments of central Africa imply that the fires are more or less normal or even beneficial! But in Siberia, despite the declarations from the Russian government that the plan against the fires is going well, experts point out that the fires are gradually increasing and place their hopes in …rain. And finally, in the G7 summit, the seven most powerful countries in the world expressed their concerns, highlighting once again the magnitude of imperialist hypocrisy on environment-friendly policies.

In Brazil, as in the rest of Latin America, the surface and subterranean resources have become the subject of strong imperialist conflict for years. The major imperialist countries (USA, Russia) and EU as well, compete over the control these resources.

The rapidly accelerating deforestation in Amazon and Central Africa, for the purpose of creating agricultural lands for the profit of the imperialists, as well as the ice melting in Arctic, Siberia, Alaska and elsewhere due to natural disasters, increase the average global temperature and depict that the imperialist “growth” sacrifices the natural environment and deals with the ice melting and destruction of forests as “new opportunities” for profit.

The destruction of the environment is not a result of “human intervention” in general, as various governments, organizations and “green” NGOs try to convince us, but is closely linked to the system, the plundering of natural resources for the profitability of the imperialists. The people of this world have the right to live and raise their children in an environment that will not destroy their health and life, let alone the natural resources that can provide them their livelihood. Claiming this right, is in principle a matter of recognizing the true responsible for this situation and of fighting against the foreign and local capital and the capitalist-imperialist system that promotes the destruction of natural resources and life.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.