Germany: 8th of March – Women’s Day 2017!

On the occasion of March 8th — International Women’s Day — various propaganda posters were posted on the streets, particularly in Berlin-Neukölln. In addition to tags and proletarian feminist wall slogans, hundreds of informational posters with profiles of revolutionary communist women such as Olga Benario, Assata Shakur, Leila Khaled and Jiang Qing will be posted to show the men of the district that women are also fighters and warriors for their liberation and that all oppressed can and must help to destroy the patriarchy. Women of our class should take the lives of these outstanding women as inspirations and examples.

Long Live Proletarian Feminism!
Long Live the 8th of March!

PS: In the next few days we’ll post a few more pictures, as well as publish the wanted posters and refer to a few texts on the subject of bourgeois, petty bourgeois and proletarian feminism. Here is our statement “No Sluts, No Saints — We Are Revolutionaries!”( from 2015.


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C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.