Statement of Abdullah Öcalan about his condition in jail and about the war

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s brother Mehmet Öcalan visited him in İmralı Prison yesterday held a press conference with the hunger strike activists in Amed today. He said: “His health was good. He said tomorrow is Eid, the Feast of Sacrifice, but when 30-40 people die every day in a country, there can be no feast. This isn’t ethical. The solution is in our hands, we can solve it.”

Mehmet Öcalan made a statement in Turkish and Kurdish, and said the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan sent everybody his greetings and respects.

Details of Öcalan’s speech is as follows:

“There were 2-3 people with him there, he said they were working together. He said:

‘The isolation continues, but I don’t have a problem in the physical sense. The situation continues as before. We are in contact with those friends like before, we have our projects, if the state is ready for these projects, we can complete them in six months.

First of all, it wasn’t us who destroyed the process. The committee that came to me said they were coming back in two weeks, and the process will be resolved soon. Yes, the Kurdish issue is a heavy issue. It’s not a matter of 20 years, it goes back 150, 200 years. 30 people die every day. If the state was sincere, there wouldn’t be so many deaths. This country doesn’t deserve this. Everybody with a conscience must consider this.

If the state is ready, they will send two of their men here. This is a serious issue, our projects are ready. We can solve the issue in six months. This is a blind war. It is a war where nobody can win. This war has continued for 40 years. Maybe it will continue for 80 years more. It’s a shame for the people who are dying. This blood and tears must stop.

The solution can’t be one sided, the largest party is the state. If the state points to that, this problem won’t continue for too long, it will be resolved.’

His health was good, he said ‘Tomorrow is Eid, the feast of sacrifice. But there can be no feast, when 30-40 people die every day in a country. But this isn’t ethical. The solution is in our hands, we can solve it.”

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan called for democratic institutions, intellectuals, democrats, all humane thinkers to unite for the solution to the Kurdish issue.

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.