Taktikka – Election Boycott

We’re not going to vote – we got something better to do
Politician-pigs do nothing for us but cover themselves in glory
What a ridiculous hurly-burly, they call it election campaign
No matter what colour – the capital is ruling these ugly faces smile
from their colorful posters with dull phrases as if they had something to say to us
No – these are our streets, so fight back and struggle here,
you get nothing but a bunch of wrong values for free

You get oppressed and at the election you can choose by whom
– don’t give your voice to this exploiter-system
They tell us we should vote and legitimize the ruling class again
They get a crosshair on their forehead but not a cross on paper

Boycott! Brothers and sisters in the country
We take the future in our own hands – resistance!
Fuck the FRG – no, thats not our state
And their election is treason to the proletariat

No matter which mask is ruling, basically it remains the same
Don’t wait for miracles, now is our time, we’re ready
’cause the history of our class shows that struggling is worth it
We only got one choice – Revolution!

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.