Serve the People – Austin: We need your help!

We need your help! Dallas, one of our most committed and dedicated volunteers, has been snatched up by the state and is currently facing bogus charges that could mean years or even decades in prison. Many of you have probably met Dallas at one of our free stores or other events. His optimism and compassion are contagious, and he tirelessly works to build people power in our communities. He was one of the first volunteers to go to Houston as part of our Hurricane Harvey relief, and he has contributed a lot of time and energy to making our organization better and stronger. Serve the People feels obligated to return the favor and show this comrade some love when he and his family need it most.

We were excited to hear that he had made bond for his federal case this morning, but only a couple hours later we learned that the state of Texas had waited until his release was imminent to file yet another bullshit charge, meaning that he will likely be arrested again the moment he walks out of jail. This does not surprise us since the state has dragged Dallas through the mud in every step of this process so far, but it is also all the more reason to back him up now more than ever. Please join us and others supporters around the world in organizing to #FreeDallas! There are many ways to help.

Donate money directly via PayPal to [email protected]

Donate by buying a t-shirt with one of Dallas’s original designs:

Write Dallas a letter by sending an email to [email protected] . If you do, please consider these guidelines: “(1) Do not write about any details surrounding his case. (2) Also avoid discussing your or anyone else’s participation, past or present, in specific organizations. Also avoid writing anything about an organization that is not already public knowledge. (3) Beyond that, almost everything is fair game. You can discuss things that organizations have already publicly said or done, as long as you do not implicate any individuals in those activities. He would welcome summarized updates on what organizations around the country and the world have been up to. He would also welcome hearing your reflections on what you’ve been studying or writing lately, so that he can provide his thoughts and continue, as he always has, to help others advance their political education as well as his own. Be creative, it doesn’t have to be limited to these things at all.”

Read up on the details of his case:

Free Dallas!

Organize against state repression!

Free all political prisoners!