Persevere in attaining greater heights in the National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective


It is with extreme pride and honour that we salute all comrades in celebration of the 47th founding anniversary of the Christians for National Liberation. Carrying forward our theme and thrust from the 8th National Congress, it is with resolute determination that we persevere in attaining greater heights in the National Democratic Revolution with Socialist Perspective by intensifying our participation in the people’s armed revolutionary struggle.

We give the highest honour to our heroes and martyrs who offer their unconditional service in advancing the class struggle and achieve national liberation.

We offer our high commendation to all members of the Christians for National Liberation and allies who ascribe their militancy to the revolutionary organisation of church people. This activism is our concrete faith response to the challenges posed by the decadent system and social realities. By fleshing out our unity and programs, we continue to wage the People’s Democratic Revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

We understand that the global capitalist crisis and inter-imperialist contradictions heightens the worsening conditions of the struggling people and intensifies widespread violations of rights and dignity. This also belabours a favourable condition that forges stronger commitment and growth among revolutionary forces.

We are already present in 14 regions across the archipelago with chapters and organising groups at the region, sub-region, denomination and institutional levels both among Protestants and Roman Catholics. We have comrades in other countries as well who are only too eager to be established as chapters in the years to come. The strong leadership of our comrades at the National Council and the National Executive Council is instrumental to this positive development. Our strong unity on our revolutionary line, political orientation, programs and plans have enabled us to breakthrough in organising work among major religious groups, and established strong and critical alliances among church leaders and hierarchy.

Significant support has been extended to the basic sectors and fronts ranging from materials, documentation, legal and para legal, sanctuaries and medical. In areas where most capable, church cadres also prepared the way for sectoral organising among peasants and workers. More importantly, Christians for National Liberation has deployed cadres to other sectors and raised armed revolutionaries in the countryside. The consistent solidarity work in the international shores has paved way for humanitarian support and raise the level of political engagements that are mutually beneficial.

Martial law in Mindanao and the similar de facto situation in other provinces has, on one hand, adversely affected the political work and consolidation of cadres but also encourage innovative and creative ways to sustain our revolutionary task. More is still to be done in our solid and step-by-step organising that will eventually develop and equip church cadres serving the protracted war in urban centres and the hinterlands.

Duterte has revealed himself through and through kowtowing the lines of imperialists and serves as lackey to his masters’ thirst for profit and power. Now more than ever, amidst the relentless reign of terror and tyranny under the worsening semi-colonial semi-feudal conditions of the country, we forge our strong alliance to revolutionary forces of the National Democratic Front and all nationalist and peace loving Filipino people in building the broadest anti-fascist united front against the US-Duterte regime and bring to reality his ouster.

We pledge to continue arouse, organise, mobilise the church leadership, clergy, religious, lay and youth in the advancement of the people’s protracted war and raise high the flag of liberation.

In the face of intense adversity and brazen attack propelled by the blood-thirsty US-Duterte regime, we remain steadfast and continue carry the cross reaching out the broadest of our forces, guided by the programs of the People’s Democratic Revolution, advancing the people’s struggle towards stalemate and strategic victory in the years to come.

Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution!
Long live Christians for National Liberation!
Onward the people’s struggle towards national liberation!

Renmin Malaya

7 February 2019


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.