NPA: The US-Duterte Regime Will Pay Dearly For It’s Murderous Actions On Bloody Sunday

Armando Cienfuego | Spokesperson | Southern Tagalog Regional Operational Command (Melito Glor Command) | New People’s Army

March 13, 2021

The MGC-NPA ST is raging and shouting for justice for the heinous murder of nine activists and the arrest of six others by the PNP CALABARZON on March 7. The people of SW are united in charging Duterte and the AFP -PNP on their blood debt to the town.

The PNP’s murderous nature is so full of bones that they shamelessly call their crimes legitimate counter-terrorism operations. There is nothing “legitimate” in what the PNP did. The warrant of arrest that PNP Chief Debold Sinas is proud of is a waste of paper filled with fabricated cases and bought from the hands of shivering judges Laguna Judge Divinagracia Bustos-Ongkeko, Judge Jose Lorenzo dela Rosa of the Regional Trial Court Branch 4-Manila and Judge Jason Zapanta of Manila RTC Branch 174. The conduct of the police operation was also against the law and against human rights. According to the wife of one of the slain activists in Rizal, her husband was thrown to the ground and shot unopposed. After that, gun evidence was planted to say that the target “fought back.”

Nor is the aim of the police an unacceptable fight against terrorism. What the PNP did was the very act of terrorism. Apart from neutralizing the so-called enemies of the state, such operations also aim to paralyze the people with terror and suppress their struggle for rights and welfare.

It must be pointed out to the people that what is driving the horrific killings in SW and throughout the country is the desperation of the Duterte regime to pulverize the revolutionary movement. It is unable to overthrow the people’s army so it turns the violence on activists, progressives, critics — ordinary people who are advancing parliamentary struggle and a thorn in Duterte’s throat because of their loud and persistent resistance to legal procedures.

They are the main target of the cruel and orchestrated SEMPO operation being carried out wherever there is persistent resistance. The regime had earlier laid down the conditions for publicly accepting the brutal persecution of activists through the Anti-Terrorism Law and blessing the SEMPO as the PNP’s implementation of the state-sponsored killings policy.

The people hate the tyrannical president who even surpassed the broken plaque ordering “kill all communists and NPAs.” Duterte is the main beneficiary of the liquidation of government critics. The people of SW also loathe the PNP Calabarzon who served as the butcher of the fascist regime in the cases of the murders of Mario Caraig, Eugenia Magpantay, Agaton Topacio, Ermin Bellen and the massacre of Baras 5. They were instrumental in violent arrests and imprisonment of innocent peasants, workers, and the poor.

It is irritating that the PNP Calabarzon police butchers involved in Bloody Sunday and other heinous crimes roam freely due to the serious culture of impunity in the country.

In the face of injustice under the US-Duterte regime, the Red fighters are increasingly determined to launch tactical offensives that will break the state’s veiled terrorism throughout the country. The NPA ST also opens its guerrilla fronts to all people who want to end Duterte’s terrorist rule. You are encouraged to join the NPA and contribute to the fullest in the people’s war. This is the highest way of honoring the people who are fighting for their national-democratic aspirations who are ruthlessly killed and tortured by executioners and fascists.

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