Jose Maria Sison: Philippine Economy Is Rapidly Sinking And Duterte Terror Regime Is Isolated

February 3, 2021: The Philippine economy is rapidly sinking and the tyrannical Duterte regime is likewise being rapidly isolated and detested by the broad masses of the Filipino, not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic but because of the subservience to imperialist powers and the local exploiting classes of big compradors, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists, the incompetence, unbridled corruption and military overspending of the Duterte ruling clique and the obsession of Duterte to impose a fascist dictatorship on the people and inflame the people’s resistance and use this as pretext for state terrorism.

Thanks to Duterte and his military running dogs, they are driving the people to fight back and wage armed revolution to free themselves from the exceedingly intolerable conditions of oppression and exploitation. The people’s war in the new democratic revolution in the Philippines is thriving because the basic problems of foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat comprador capitalism persist and the chief political representative of the ruling system, Duterte, is brazenly a traitor, butcher, plunderer and swindler.

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