Joma Sison: Duterte Exposes His Delusions Before The Press And His Military And Bureaucrat Sycophants

Jose Maria Sison | Chief Political Consultant | National Democratic Front Of The Philippines

March 19, 2021

On a single day on March 18 in Tacloban City, the tyrant Duterte once again exposed his mental derangement, self-contradictions and mendacious character before a fascist assembly of military and bureaucrat sycophants under the auspices of the National Task Force-ELCAC. It is good that the press has recorded and reported the event.

Duterte declared that he would be happy to go to prison for killing human rights defenders and at the same time he was raving against the International Criminal Court and showing his fear of dying in prison. He also taunted the 1-SAMBAYAN, the newly risen broad coalition of patriotic and democratic forces that are determined to fight his tyranny and challenge his clique in clean and honest elections.

He ascribed to me his own dementia to make an outrageously false explanation for his repeated threats to terminate the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations from February 2017 onward and his final termination of the negotiations on November 23, 2017 through Proclamation 360.

He flagrantly prevented the fifth round of talks in May 2017 when the negotiations of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms were progressing at an accelerated rate. He never made to the NDFP directly or through the Joint Monitoring Committee any complaint against the NPA for any violation of the CARHRIHL. And he never agreed to my proposal for the two of us to meet in a neutral venue to solve any serious problem adverse to the peace process.

The truth is that Trump first used the rabid pro-US elements within the security cluster of the Duterte Cabinet to advise him to terminate the peace negotiations and finally Trump himself ordered Duterte to make the termination when they met in the second week of November 2017 in exchange for US military assistance under Operation Pacific Eagle, without US congressional oversight related to human rights.

Duterte calculated that embarking on a strategic military campaign of anticommunist suppression would be the easy path for him to realize his scheme of fascist dictatorship. But despite his promise to destroy the CPP and NPA from year to year, he has failed to stop the armed revolutionary movement from growing in strength. The legal resistance of various democratic forces has also intensified.

He has merely aggravated the crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system by engaging in colossal corruption and military overspending. He has deluded himself that he would be able to intimidate the people and perpetuate himself and his family in power by militarizing his government, feeding his military and police sycophants with public money under the cover of fake programs and making them commit heinous crimes tokhang style.

From year to year, Duterte has allowed the economy and his own government to go increasingly bankrupt through the usual unequal exchange of cheap raw materials, semimanufactures and migrant workers as exports on one hand and costly manufactures, luxury products and military weapons as imports on the other hand, the outward remittance of foreign exchange by foreign companies, big compradors and bureaucrat capitalists, the growing trade and budgetary debts, the rising debt service payments and mounting public debt.

As if the escalating bureaucratic corruption and military overspending were not enough to victimize the people, the Covid-19 pandemic came through a half-million Chinese casino tourists and illegal immigrants from December 2019 onward to threaten the health of the Filipino nation and give the Duterte ruling clique the opportunity to pocket for itself the public money promised to the people as means of providing for mass testing, health care for the sick and economic assistance to all those deprived of the means of livelihood.

In the name of fighting Covid-19, Duterte has incurred enormous amounts of foreign loans and made the level of public debt more unsustainable than ever before. But timely orders for the most effective vaccines were not made. Now the pandemic is spreading faster than before in the Philippines. Worst of all, the Duterte ruling clique has taken advantage of the pandemic to railroad the so-called Anti-Terrorism Act as license for state terrorism by which social activists, critics, human rights defenders and advocates of just peace are being red-tagged, abducted, tortured and murdered by the criminals in authority.

In less time and in proportionate terms, Duterte has surpassed the grievous crimes of treason, tyranny, mass murder, plunder and mass deception committed during the 14 year-long Marcos fascist dictatorship. Yet Duterte continues to have the delusion that he can perpetuate himself and his family in power by having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, having converted the military and police as his private army and having taken control of the Comelec and system of vote count as in the 2019 mid-term elections.

It is highly probable that Duterte believes that he has succeeded at intimidating the people with counterrevolutionary violence and with mass deception by psywar tricks, such as the use of mercenary poll survey firms, troll armies in the social media, fake localized peace talks, fake surrenders and fake enemy casualties and fake programs like community support programs and barangay development programs which are schemes of corruption for himself and his closest generals.

Crazed by power, Duterte cannot fathom how deep going is the people’s detestation of his grievous crimes. The people’s wrath is about to break out in various forms in the fields of legal struggle as well as revolutionary armed struggle. There is so little time left for Duterte to achieve his vile ambition to destroy the armed revolutionary movement or to sue for peace. He himself has put himself in a trap from which he cannot extricate himself. His ignominious end as a traitor, tyrant, butcher, plunderer and swindler is certain and irreversible.

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