NDFP-Bicol: Take Up The Weapon Of Struggle Against Duterte Regime’s Desperate Push to Stay in Power

Ma. Roja Banua | NDF-Bicol | National Democratic Front Of The Philippines

July 5, 2021

With the rest of his time in power, Duterte is trying to perfect the true essence of his whole of nation approach-to force the entire civilian bureaucracy and population into militarist rule. But, there is no room for the fascist obsession of the US-Duterte regime in the face of the continued response of local government units to the relentless onslaught of pandemics, disasters and catastrophes. Especially since their careless chief executive left them on the air. It is not the distribution of guns and the incitement of violence against the poor, but the people are now calling for significant help and support, especially those affected by the new eruption of the Taal volcano.
The US-Duterte regime is now under fire for using a counterinsurgency campaign to desperately justify its plan to arm civilians. Particularly triggered by the thoughtless DILG Sec. Eduardo Año the possibility of turning barangay officials and guards into CAFGU-like as an additional fascist force against the revolutionary movement and the democratic mass movement.
It is strongly opposed by the public including local government units. They do not hesitate to participate in the violent fascist culture that they themselves are victims of. They will not allow themselves to be armed tentacles that will only serve the tyrant’s desperate stay in power. They know that Duterte’s whole-of-nation fascism will only increase his crimes against humanity.
Such a scheme only exposes Duterte’s failed war against the people and his clinging to power. Because he failed to crush both the democratic and revolutionary struggle of the people, it is an extreme attempt to turn the entire civilian population into blind instruments of fascism and state terrorism.
The NDF-Bicol calls on the people of the region and the entire country to, in the face of worsening conditions of oppression and exploitation, hold on to unity and resistance as their unique weapon. And it should focus on nothing else but the US-Duterte regime. The regime must be held accountable for further harassing the people in the wake of the crisis. It must be held accountable for its multiple fascist and terrorist crimes. It must be overthrown.
Source : https://cpp.ph/statements/panghawakan-ang-armas-ng-pakikibaka-laban-sa-whole-of-nation-na-desperasyon-ng-rehimeng-duterte-na-makapanatili-sa-poder/