Naxalites Raid Road Construction Site In Gadchiroli District

Gadchiroli District, January 27, 2021: Naxalites committed violence in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra state a day before Republic Day. In Gadchiroli, Naxalites set fire to four vehicles engaged in road works under the Allenga-Allur road. Allenga-Allur Road of Etapalli’s Police Division is under construction. Reaching here, the Naxalites have vandalized the vehicles by setting them on fire.

Following the arson, Naxalites have also warned workers engaged in construction work to stay away from this road construction, after which the workers engaged in road construction escaped from the spot. There is an atmosphere of panic in Allanga and Allur in the neighboring state of Naxalite disturbance.

The Naxalites set fire to a road roller and another vehicle, including two JCBs engaged in the construction of the Allanga-Allur road. Naxalites had earlier opposed the construction of this road. There is a panic situation in the interiors due to the sudden arson of the Naxalites. Gadchiroli SP Ankit Goyal has issued instructions to take action against unknown Naxalites after getting information about the whole case.

He said that a case has been registered against unknown Naxalites. Search operations have also intensified in the surrounding areas, including the incident site.

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