Mohan Baidya: Country Failing Due To Opportunistic Communists

Kathmandu, April 22, 2022: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) General Secretary Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ has attributed the deteriorating situation of the country to opportunistic communists.

Speaking at a program organized by his party in Kathmandu on Friday on the occasion of the founding day of the Communist Party of Nepal, Baidya said that the country’s situation was ruined due to the revolutionary-turned-opportunist communists.

He also remarked that the parties of Prachanda and KP Oli were neo-reactionaries.

Noting the coalition government was formed in support of the feudalistic Nepali Congress (NC), Baidya said that the coalition government could not do anything for the country.

He said that Oli and Prachanda were now being saved by the old state power even though they fought together to uproot the old power. He argued that the present communists were on the same path as the other parties of suppressing others during the panchayat era.

Baidya said that in order to fight the neo-reactionaries, there should be unity among like-minded communists.

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