Long live Comrade Helin Bolek, Long live Comrade Mustafa Kocak!

To Grup Yorum
from Revolutionery Students’ Front (RSF) from India

These are dark times. Bertolt Brecht once said, “In the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes. There will also be singing about the dark times.” So, whenever any voice bursts out in song, the imperialists – the boogeymen of today’s world, rush in to silence that voice.

Helin Bolek and Mustafa Kocak sing no more.

After 297 days of hunger strike by 3 members of the progressive band Grup Yorum, Helin Bolek and Mustafa Kocak’s death is yet another state-sponsored murder.

But, Ibrahim Gokcek is still fighting against this plunderous state.

Their fearless voice will reverberate through every corner of Turkey and this entire world.

Let us all burst forth in song in memory of Helin Bolek and Mustafa Kocak. Let their dream of a free Turkey and a free world be our dream as well!

We, the members of Laal Lanthan, the cultural wing of Revolutionary Students Front from Bengal, pay our tribute to Helin Bolek and Mustafa Kocak.

Red salute Comrade Helin Bolek!
Red salute Comrade Mustafa Kocak!

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.