Police Informant Executed By CPI Maoist Squad In Rajnandgaon District

Rajnandgaon District, February 19, 2021: A squad of CPI (Maoist) cadres executed a villager on suspicion of being a police informant in Rajnandgaon district which comes under the newly formed MMC zone (Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh) of CPI (Maoist), the police said on Thursday.

Police said that around a dozen cadres of the CPI (Maoist) came to Khursipar Khurd village under Bortalav police station area looking for one Munna Verma on Wednesday evening.

The Maoists then abducted Verma and later shot him in the jungle, police said.

The police also claimed that leaflets and pamphlets were recovered from the spot in which the CPI (Maoist) alleged that Verma was acting as a police informant.

Verma is the third person to be executed by Maoists in the last 24 days in two villages of Rajnandgaon district on suspicion of being a police informant.

On January 24, Ramsay Gadve (30) a resident of Morarpani village was executed by sharp-edged weapons by a squad of CPI (Maoist) cadres and a day later, Inder Sai Mandavi (75), a resident of Kamkheda village was executed by the Maoists. Both were relatives of panchayat representatives.

The police estimate that there are about 200 armed cadres of the CPI (Maoist) working in the MMC zone. Police say that since operations against the CPI (Maoist) have increased in Bastar, the Maoists were moving towards the MMC zone.

Source : https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/maoists-in-chhattisgarh-kill-villager-suspected-of-being-police-informer-101613650731913.html