Call for International Solidarity against the ongoing military campaign against Maoists in India

Redspark received this message from a comrade from a democratic organization in India :

“Today, the Indian state killed 3 more comrades in cold blood, taking the toll to 27 in two days. The Indian state has gone into an all out offensive against the Maoists who are defending the rights of the people from the corporate-government nexus meant to loot the land from its natural resources.

On one hand a section of the ruling class has asked for peace talks with Maoists but the Indian state had continued its gruesome killings, unabated. We urge the international community to condemn the ongoing military campaign by the Indian state and stand in solidarity with comrades.”

Redspark team stands in solidarity with comrades leading the revolution in India. We would like to ask all progressive individuals and organisations to organise and campaign against the ongoing war on people in the Indian heartland. We also demand that the Indian state promptly ceases its gruesome campaign against oppressed sections of the society and release all political prisoners held in jails across India on trumped up charges.

Long live People’s Resistance !
Down with Indian Fascist State !
Lal Salaam !

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.