Rojava: the fight against Daech involves the struggle against imperialism!

The revolutionary process in Rojava (“Syrian” Kurdistan) has won victory after victory against the fascist forces of Daech. It is a historical example which is playing a unifying role in the international struggle of the peoples. Many individuals and organizations from different countries have come to fight and defend the Rojava Revolution.

The MLKP launched an appeal several months ago to join the fighters and combatants unified in the YPG (People’s Defense Forces). The International Liberation Brigade was thus formed with the participation of anarchists, communists and revolutionaries from Turkey, Kurdistan, Caucasus, Greece, Germany, Spain, Armenia, …

Maoist Comrades of the TIKKO (Workers and Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey) linked to the TKP/ML also participate. Many other combatants are participating the in YPG, including many communists from France, Italy, the USA, Argentina, … In the statement of formation of the Brigade,the historical examples are clear:
“Rojava is today: What was yesterday the Paris Commune besieged by Germany, Madrid in the Spanish Civil War, Stalingrad during the Second World War.”

Democratic revolution and national liberation in Rojava has changed the balance of power of this region. This revolution is also the revolution of women, against the patriarchal and reactionary world.


The imperialist powers sow war and cause misery, exploitation and oppression around the world to ensure their rate of profit. They fuel internal conflicts to create chaos by using ethnic, religious, economic and military difference, to carry out interventions to seize power, raw materials and control of strategic zones on the geo-political level. Do not forget that Al Qaeda was trained and funded by US imperialism to fight Soviet social-imperialism during the invasion of Afghanistan.

After the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the war between warlords would provoke the intervention of the Taliban, which served as an excuse for US imperialism and its allies to intervene directly, not having been able to impose its sustainable watchdogs. Imperialism then occupied the country in a coalition of twenty countries including French and German imperialism and set up a puppet state, army and police. This did not prevent the Taliban from remaining their partial withdrawal. Daech is now trying to impose itself in Afghanistan. The attack against the World Trade Center in 2001 would allow Bush whose family and friends are among the oil and arms trade magnates into Iraq, which was accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction.

According to US officials, Iraq was part of the “axis of evil”, and war was declared on behalf of the “clash of civilizations”. This new intervention was only an excuse in the name of democracy and freedom, to physically remove Saddam Hussein to set up a puppet state protected by the US military occupation. This Iraqi government excluded and marginalized the Sunni clan of the former dictator in favor of Shiites. This caused resentment and promoted the rise of religious fundamentalism, then the rise of Daech which was officially affiliated with Al Qaeda and which merged with the Al Nusra Front before cutting ties with Al Qaeda during its expansion into Syria. A part of the Al Nusra Front will then ready allegiance to Al Qaeda. The support of the imperialist for Al Nusra, used by Daech to obtain weapons, was thinly veiled. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs noted on January 28, 2013 that “on the ground, they [Al Nusra] do a good job.”

From the point of view of the imperialists, the wave of revolts in the Arab countries of the 2010s, allowed them to reshuffle the cards and put up new watchdogs. Thus, in Libya, the opportunity was open for the imperialists to attack Gaddafi. It was French imperialism which took responsibility for this, bombing Gaddafi’s positions. 40 tons of weapons were delivered by French imperialism to the rebels, groups of whom were close or directly affiliated to Al Qaeda. Ironically, Jean-Yves Le Drian, then defense minister, defended the intervention and the arms deliveries as fight against jihadism! After the liquidation of Gaddafi, as in Afghanistan,cliques of warlords stood up each against each others, causing widespread chaos, which allowed many groups affiliated to al Qaeda (or not) to arm themselves with the dislocated stocks of the old regime with the help of international traffickers linked to the arms industry.

Some of these groups, such as Boko Haram, have subsequently joined Daech. French imperialism subsequently intervened against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, who suppressed the people’s revolt with extreme violence. The revolt was quickly recuperated by various local lords armed by the imperialists, hoping to make their new watchdogs. The Free Syrian Army (which initially gathered sections of the secular opposition but quickly allied with Islamist groups) and the Al Nusra Front in particular, increased the local arsenal of “rebels” supported by the imperialists, an arsenal which gave Daech even more fuel. On the other hand, French imperialism supports many states who themselves support Daech by various means, including logistically and economically, Erdogan’s Turkey first of all. No state admits this officially but the evidence is extensive. Dominique de Villepin, former prime minister, said in September 2014 on France 2: “Let us realize that the Islamic state, Daech, was largely created by us, from war to war. ”


Daech strategy is very different from that of Al Qaeda, who practice a kind of foco war, in the form of armed actions in various countries and regions. Daech has a political project: the creation of a caliphate overwhelming existing borders in the Muslim world, crushing national minorities and other religions, including Shia Islam. Taking advantage of the chaos and appearing as radical and determined, Daech rallied former officers and soldiers of Saddam Hussein and Sunni scholars opposed to the Syrian regime and seized arms of disorganized armies, delivered by the imperialist powers to Iraq. Daech was able to build an armed force and conquer territories in Syria and northern Iraq. In this territories, there is not only a military occupation of the conquered land or elimination of the Shiite enemy, Christian and other minorities, but organization of the conquered territory, to establish a state. Through this, oil facilities, the sale of works of art, archaeological treasures, etc., Daech accumulated a war chest to pay his soldiers and officers, and to levy taxes.

Daech entrusts the management of current business to elites or to ruling classes, by giving them non-sovereign positions. Every aspect of life is governed by the rule established by Daech, opponents are brutally repressed. The imperialist schemes, even those of the coalition, will not overcome Daech since by striking civilians, they bring new forces to Daech. The coalition of imperialist powers, those engaged on the field, those of France, the United States, Russia and others like Turkey more concerned to fight against the Kurds than against Daech, are also executioners of the people and will eventually give a false anti-imperialist mystique to Daech. The establishment of a joint command will not change anything.

Imperialism seeks a way out of the situation it has itself created to establish a new puppet. While the Russian and Chinese imperialists see their interests represented by Bashar al-Assad, the US imperialists and the French want a puppet government formed out of the Free Syrian Army. The inter-imperialist tensions are reaching an unprecedented scale and leading to the risk of a generalized inter-imperialist conflict. We Maoists, we do not forget that a spark can set fire to the prairie.


Daech’s tactics are not only the destabilization of the countries in the Middle East and Africa, but also destabilizing the imperialist countries, organizing terrorist attacks, based on contradictions among the people. The ideological vacuum created by the restoration of capitalism and the transformation of Communist parties into reformist parties without revolutionary perspective has left the field open to nationalist ideologies and penetration of Daech among a small minority of youth who reject this system but find themselves lost without political perspective. These youth is used by Daech as cannon fodder for the reign of new exploiters and oppressors who hide their class nature.

The attacks that hit the civilian population of the imperialist countries strengthen the police state and the militarization of society with the establishment of a State of Emergency, racism in particular anti-refugee and Islamophobia, acceptance of National Union behind the bourgeoisie, the division of the working class and the masses of France, … This also allows the state to pursue its plan of “reforms” in peace, that is, that is the plans to liquidate social conquests. In short, the bourgeoisie can more easily pursue its offensive against the proletariat and the masses. The Socialist Party government has implemented points of the National Front in it own program, and they answer “We knew it ! We had the solution from the beginning ! “.

The State practices the policy of dividing the working class and at the same time calls for national unity against terrorism, which means for new military aggression. While brandishing the threat of terrorism of which it is the source, it targets a scapegoat, the refugees fleeing their country under the weight of poverty and of war. The governments of right and left are the creators of unemployment, which allows them to lower wages. The parties supposed to represent workers are reformist parties and have no program, no revolutionary strategy.

They also rallied to the National Unity project which aims to get everyone, as if there were no social classes, all behind the flag to prepare for war. Its much like the months before the first world war. Together they voted for the restriction of freedoms, the reenforcement of the police and the militarization of society. The three month State of Emergency is barely discussed before the vote is made to extend it. A curfew was imposed in Sens! Already searches occur everywhere, affecting people who either have done nothing or are anarchists or revolutionary activists.

Sentences of house arrest fall to “prevent” the militants’ “reach to state security “! Attacks and bombing against Muslims, Jews and immigrants perpetrated by Nazi and fascist groups multiply. In the course of searchs, cops also destroy places of worship as they have done in Aubervilliers. All this brings water to the mill of fascism and the Hollande government is responsible, along with others for to its continual rise. If the fascist party came to government, there would be no need for new laws to muzzle dissent: the legal arsenal, watchdogs and climate are already prepared.


The call of the Rojava International Brigades which we we must support and make known, is a source of inspiration for us in the struggle against imperialism, against the bourgeois state and parties running this state and against the fascists. The International Brigade is composed of combatants from several countries, from communist and revolutionary organizations fighting against the fascist regime of Erdogan who wages war more against the PKK and the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan than against Daech. The struggle of the IBL and more generally of YPG shows us the path of struggle against Daech. It’s the anti-imperialist struggle, the revolutionary struggle, with the aim of building a new society.

This is this alternative that we must put forward to counter the imperialist propaganda to join the French Army in the fight against terrorism. Their war is an unjust war because it is led to take control of raw materials, labor and strategic zones to ensure a the rate of profit of the monopolies. The struggle of the IBL and YPG is a just war because it aims to free the people and build a new society. Even after Daech is expelled, the fight will continue on the path of revolution. Otherwise, it will be for the benefit of the imperialists and their watchdogs.

The role of the Maoists is firstly to bring together whatever their origin, the working men and women of all nationalities, immigrants with or without papers, youth and women who have a primary role in the revolutionary struggle against patriarchy, obscurantism and fascism. We must reject national unity imposed by the bourgeois state. Maoist Communists must learn from the Rojava International Brigade which is a first step in building an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist revolutionary front. The working class and its children should not put their destiny, their lives in the hands of the police and militarized state or follow the fascists, nor be used as cannon fodder for one or the other. It is in this sense that in factories, workplaces, professional schools, the CFA, the poor suburbs we must join forces against racism, fascism and all reactionaries.

These are our support bases. We’re not afraid to fight, but we do not fight for a cause that is not that of the proletariat and the masses. We will fight in a just war, that of the people against their exploiters and oppressors: the people’s war. This people’s war is the one that must be conducted in all countries to end imperialism and fascism. To lead the people’s war, three instruments are indispensable: the Party, the United Front and Fighting Force. We therefore position ourselves in the line of Comrades from India, the Philippines, Peru, Turkey and other countries that are implementing or preparing people’s war. We also position ourselves to support the International Brigades struggling against imperialism and Daech, weapons in hand, relying primarily on their own strength.

It is the time for the construction of these three instruments of the revolution!

Only the proletariat,the organized popular masses can achieve a proletarian revolution !



C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.