PFLP Political Prisoner Khalida Jarrar Sends Letter From Israeli Prison To Palestinian Women

March 8, 2021:  Just days after being fined and imprisoned by Israel, Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar has sent a letter to Palestinian women on International Working Women’s Day. The prominent member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is now serving a two-year prison sentence, but this did not stop her from sending a message to female Palestinian freedom fighters, congratulating them on their day, commending them, and hailing their sacrifices.

“My companions and sisters in Palestine, the Arab countries, and around the world,” wrote Jarrar, “from my prison, I am sending my warmest greetings to you as I am proud of you and your fight against all forms of injustice, persecution, and oppression.”

International Working Women’s Day, she said, is a symbol of the oppression, sexual discrimination, and exploitation faced by all races at the hands of “autocratic regimes” around the world. “This is represented by the oppression of the Zionists and their occupation of our homeland Palestine.”

The status of women in Palestine and the Arab world has still not reached the acceptable minimum of fairness, justice and equality, added Jarrar. “Our country heads towards elections that we have always fought for as a democratic tool to activate the Palestine Liberation Organization… and renew our legislative institutions in order to become tools that confront the Oslo Accords and not tools that serve them.”

She added that she hopes that Palestinian women will exercise their rights to get fair representation in the legislative and national councils.

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