PFLP Defeats Fatah In Student Council Election At Bethlehem University

Palestine, March 24, 2022: The Fatah movement lost to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Bethlehem University Student Council election on Wednesday, the first to be held in two years due to the pandemic. The PFLP won 17 of the 31 seats, with Fatah taking the others.

The turnout for the poll was 65.36 per cent of those eligible to vote. According to the university, the election took place in an honest and competitive atmosphere. No significant violations were recorded during the election campaign.

“This great victory achieved by our comrades in the Labour Front is a source of pride for all Palestinians, and it is a victory for those who have remained committed to the national constants and for the intellectuals,” said the PFLP. “This indicates the pride and confidence that our students and people have in the PFLP and its student wing.”

The Front pledged that all of its student, youth and union wings will continue to fight for the sake of serving the Palestinian nation. “We will raise the voice of resistance until our national and democratic goals are achieved,” it added.

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