Maoist Communist Party Manipur says MPP is cleansed for a better regional politics

Imphal, May 29 2019: MPP is one of the oldest regional parties of Manipur but it had been marred with troubles for ages.

Now the situation has considerably improved and no problem and conflicts exist now in MPP.

In a statement the Manipur Maoist said that party is keeping a close eye on this party so that no unwanted incident happens in it.

Maoist Party has taken responsibility of protecting the regional parties against their enemies who are attacking the outlook of regionalism.

Democratic Revolutionary Peoples Party (DRPP) perished because of its weakness in politics and MPP’s downfall is because there is no one to look after the party.

People who roamed around collecting money in the name of KCP, people who were chased out of their villages for disrespecting women, those who were chased out from other organizations had all joined MPP at one point of time.

It is because of these individuals, MPP has suffered such a fate.

These people were in MPP because they desired MPP’s wealth and property.

It is futile to think that such things will continue now without facing consequences, the statement added.

Maoist party in the statement claim that a person who has left the party and fought the parliamentary election as an independent candidate has no right in claiming that he is still part of MPP.

It is unfortunate that this person and his group have been making claims about the expenditure of MPP.

MPP has not submitted a report on its expenditure to the election commission.

Election commission is the final authority which will decide on the matter.

On the other hand, an interim budget of MPP from January 2019-April 2019 was produced in a meeting where central committee of MPP was present.

The budget was also audited.

Maoist Communist Party Manipur respects the decision taken by the central committee of MPP and no group should interfere the decision.

MPP has performed very poorly in both the MLA elections in 2017 and 2019 Parliamentary election and members of MPP should not fight for leadership in the party.

Instead it should work towards building a good future for the party.

Those members who were expelled from MPP can re-joined the party in their respective constituency if they abide by the constitution of MPP.

Manipur Maoist said that it will not ban anyone contesting for the leadership inside the party.

If anyone wants to be a leader, they can start their own regional party also.

The Maoist party will support all the regional parties without discrimination.

It respects the thinking that we should built regional outlook to fight the Indian mainstream political parties.

One aspect of regionalism which opposes Indian nationalism is nothing but patriotism.

Unity means the unity of revolutionary party, patriots, progressives and democratic forces.

Regional forces are also part of this unity.

Given this, Maoist party will deal all those who are challenging the regional forces.

Manipur Maoist said that it will look closely into the activities of the regional parties in order to cleanse them of those who are giving a bad reputation to these parties.

Not just MPP, the statement says that they are also keeping a close eye on NEIDP, the statement added.

We should remember that now there are forces to look after the deeds of these regional parties.

Those who are involved in giving a bad reputation to the regional parties should be aware that they should be responsible if unfortunate incidents happen to them, the statement added.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.