Manipur: SSUM Demands Immediate Release of the Student Activists

Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM), which is also a member of the All India Council of Students’ Struggle (AICSS) is denouncing the rampant detention of students and human rights activist in Tamil Nadu and Telangana that it is a policy to eliminate peoples’ movement by the present government. Since the coming of Narendra Modi’s Facist Government, it has been increasing the rate of torture, arrestation of human right activists, students. Also, the lives of minority sections and students are becoming miserable day by day.

The arrest of five social activists – Advocate Surendra Gadling , a Nagpur based advocate who is also the General Secretary of Indian Association of People’s Lawyers, Professor Shoma Sen, Head of department of English (Nagpur University), Sudhir Dhawale, Editor of Mumbai based publication Vidrohi, Rona Wilson, Public Relation Secretary of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners and Mahesh Raut, Anti-displacement activist, Bharat Jan Andolan and Former Fellow at Prime Minister’s Rural Development (PMRD) has already irked the common people. Earlier too this regime had tried to suppress the voice of the deprive people by arresting Prof. G.N. Saibaba, whose body is 90% disabled. The arbitrary arrest of the Indian activists has been brought to the notice of the European Parliamentary Committee, and the committee has been intimating the government for the release again and again. The United Nations too has been keeping a close vigil to the recent development.

It was amidst such arbitrary detention that Convenor of the Tamil Nadu based Students’ Body Students’ Uprising Movement for Social Welfare (SUMS) Valarmathi was arrested with another villager from Salem Village located at the outskirt of Chennai identified as Ayakutampatti were arrested on Tuesday, the 19th June , 2018 for voicing against the construction of the Green Express Highway. SUMS (Tamil Nadu) is also an associate component of the All India Council of Students’ Struggle (AICSS). Comrade Valarmathi along with his team has been protesting against the construction of the eight lanes 277.3 kilometers Green Express Highway which stretches from Chennai to Salem Village. In the name of development, constructions of the super high way will not only devastated the environment but also will shatter the livelihood of Thousands of peasants who have been depending their source of income in the area. On charge of voicing against government policy the two have been detained under draconian act popularly called ‘GOONDA ACT’.

Above this on June 6 student members of the Democratic Students Union (DSU), Telangana – including its state president Kancharla Badri, Executive Council Members – Sudheer and Osmania and University Committee member Rajnath were put into custody for their voice against the “Privatization of Education”, while condemning the charge sheet framed against them under the Indian Penal Code. The arrested students’ activists have been frame charged under draconian law UAPA, Explosive Act and PSA , which is in way relevant to the democratic protest. Not only have these, in Manipur and Kashmir also human right activists and students who have raised their voices against any issues been arresting. Here in the state too, instead of listening to the voice of the students and other human rights activists, almost all activists now received threat intimidation – either directly or indirectly. This is actually, violation of human rights against democracy and Govt. should stop and respect human rights.

The New culture of arrest or detention of any activists who voiced against the government policy or programme is becoming a natural phenomenon after the coming of fascist regime. Similar problem is also a major issue is also faced by the students of Manipur. So, we strongly condemn this act of eliminating peoples’ movement and demanding the Immediate Release of the Student and human rights Activists without any condition

We know the devastation carried out by the “Loktak Multipurpose Project”, the ruined of the environment due the construction of the Ithai Barrage and now the displacement of many villagers due to the construction of the Mega Dam – Thoubal Multi Purpose Project”. Under this Loktak Multipurpose project, agricultural lands and houses of more than 80 hectares that belongs to fishers, farmers and peasants had been submerged and till now no proper compensation have not been given. Also, we are not getting the full privileges as an owner to use the electricity from this project. Due to untimely openings and closings of the “Ithai-Barrage” peoples are suffering flood in rainy seasons. Again the Mapithel Dam under Thoubal Project is also affecting a lot to the peoples mainly peasants in their livelihoods and economical problems both in upstream and downstream areas.

Bhushan Longjam
General Secretary
Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur, SSUM

SSUM/PR-82/18 — 01/07/2018

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.