Manchester Martyrs Remembered in Dublin

A broad front of Irish Socialist Republicans gathered in Dublin to mark the 150th anniversary of the Manchester Martyrs.

The broad front consisted of Irish Socialist Republicans, the Independent Workers Union, the 1916 Societies, Saoradh, the James Connolly Cultural Youth Group Derry, and Members of the IRSP.

Assembling at Phibsboro Shopping Centr

e at 2pm, the funeral procession made its way to the Manchester Martyrs Monument in Glasnevin.

The proceedings in Glasnevin were presided over by Sean Doyle and a wreath was laid on behalf of the Manchester Martyrs Memorial Committee by Glenda Guilfoyle. Flowers were also laid by Padraig Drummond, chairperson of the Asgard 1916 Society Dublin.

Following a minutes silence in honour of all those who died for Irish National Liberation and a lowering of the flags, Mark O’Reilly from Saoradh gave a passionate reading of the 1867 Fenian Proclamation.

Proceedings were then brought to a close by Sean Doyle who thanked all for a attending for a fitting unified Commemoration of the Manchester Martyrs.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.