Direct action on home of a Free State Minister

#Bringittotheirdoors Members of the Anti Eviction Flying Column joined the Fingal Battalion Direct Action Group. and Wicklow Says No for a silent, Peaceful Protest on the Home of Free State Minister Simon Harris.

The Direct Action was organised to hold Harris accountable for the damage he is inflicting on the Irish Working Class.

Simon Harris and the rest of the Free State Administration are waging a class war againist the Irish People and are facilitating the attacks on working class families and our homes by Imperialst Vultures.

For too long the Free State has been allowed to get away with such actions unchallenged- But no more.

Today was the start of a campaign to bring it to the doors of all those waging a war against the Irish Working Class- Free State Politicans, Landlords, Bankers, Sherrifs, and anyone else who lines up against our class.

So long as you come to our doors- we can come to yours.

The Working Class is getting Organised- the People are ready to fight back. The Free States Days are Numbered.

Victory to the Irish Working Class!

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.