Colombia: youths carry out anti-imperialist actions

On February 14, teachers from several cities of the country mobilized to demand reforms and rights from the government. The teachers raise the need for more resources and investment for pre-school, basic and secondary education which would reduce income inequality and lead to salary increases, improve the infrastructure, improve the teaching staff, ensure good health for teachers, among other concrete demands.

During the mobilization of the teachers, several organizations of young secondary schools actively participated and gave the teachers’ marches greater encouragement through their chants and great energy; they pull more combativeness by blockading the streets that rekindled the true objective of these mobilizations, that is to say to protest and to challenge the old and rotten state to conquer the rights, which contrasts with the policies of the heads of the union, which they always call for peaceful mobilization, within the strict framework of bourgeois norms and laws, and they even have the nerve to always thank the presence of the police who, according to them, “take care of the mobilization”; young people also help to raise the political level with their anti-imperialist, anti-electoral slogans, for the defense and conquest of rights in the real way, and also with revolutionary slogans, which raise the need to go beyond concrete demands and advance the urgent tasks that the country needs, such as the agrarian revolution, among others. Last February 14 was no exception. The young people took advantage of the mobilization of teachers to denounce the aggression of Yankee imperialism in Venezuela and call all the people to fight and resist the imperialist aggression.

Below are some photographs of the mobilization.