Statement from Red Guards – Philadelphia on the formation of Serve the People – Philly

Many people have shown Red Guards love for taking a stance against the farcical nature of the capitalist election shows. Destroying the old order is of utmost importance for revolutionaries, and that’s how we understand the task of discrediting the electoral circus.

In fact, it has already been discredited to a lot of people, simply by its continued existence, as the hollowness of the whole thing is made more and more apparent. The goal must be to then turn the passive resistance so many already embrace into an active resistance.

A big factor in doing this is to create the new – to provide some kind of alternative to the voting charade that we are rebelling against. This is how Serve the People must be understood. It is not enough to show people what we are against, we must show them what we are for, and what we’re for is the integration of revolutionaries and the people, working hand-in-hand to provide for our communities and to discuss longer term solutions for the problems so many people face – and will continue to face as long as capitalism is still kicking.

Destroy the old, build the new!
Boycott the elections!
Serve the people!

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C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.