Photos from the first Free Store of Serve the People – Philly

Comrades from Serve the People – Philly have organized their first Free Store today. Here is their statement and some photos.

“Our first Free Store has been a huge success!

The people of Kensington have united with the message to boycott the sham elections that only serve the rich, and many took up literature, posters, and stickers to spread all over the hood. They expressed a deep desire to build community power independent of the local political charlatans they pointed out to us, who are only interested in serving themselves and not poor & oppressed people. They gave us ideas on how to advance the program and gave us direction on how to more firmly unite with the community.

The masses are everything and infinitely creative, without them we are nothing!

Build and Rebel!
Boycott the Elections!






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C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.