Netherlands: Red Block 1st of May: The Struggle Will Continue!

For the first time in Netherlands, several anti-imperialist organization call for a Red Block during the 1st May demonstration in Amsterdam. 

“All the wealth in our society is being produced by our working man and women. The hard work of these hands provide us all the means for life. We build all the houses, we lay the tracks, produce and transport all the food. It’s our working people whose hands should be kissed. But even though we produce all the wealth, we’re being treated poorly and receive barely enough to support ourselves.

That’s why we call on all working hands to jointly raise their fists under one banner. To strengthen our Red Block in our struggle against oppression and exploitation. Therefore we call on all workers of all nationalities on the International Working Day to unite and struggle against capitalism!
A system which is always in search of profits, be it through exploitation, plunder or war. The fight against capitalism is therefore at the same time the struggle against Imperialism!

Come and rise up against this system of exploitation and injustice! Join us and strenghten the Red Block! Together we form a powerfull fist!”

Revolutionaire Eenheid
Hollanda Halk Cephesi
Strijd Tegen Racisme

Join us on the Monday 1st May at 13:00
Jonas Daniël Meijerplein, 1011 Amsterdam, Nederland

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.