Formation of a New Revolutionary Mass Organization: From the People, to the People, San Marcos TX (FPTP – SMTX)

We are excited and proud to announce the formation of a new revolutionary mass organization: From the People, to the People, San Marcos TX (FPTP – SMTX). Here in the middle of Occupied Aztlán (Central Texas) we aim to raise class consciousness and build community power among the masses for revolution!

After extensive social investigation, we’ve decided to center our work on the East side section 8 housing neighborhoods and trailer parks that sit in flood zones off River road. While Texas State University and the other capitalist ruling forces of this town continue to enforce de facto segregation by pushing lower income residents–the vast majority of which are black and brown people–further and further out of town, out of view, and into these dangerous flooding areas, we work in solidarity with the neglected people of these neighborhoods to meet our material needs together and overthrow this toxic system once and for all!

On Saturday, August 5th we had our first community event, a cookout and free store out in Conway Park. After doorknocking in the neighborhood the week before, we found school supplies to be our biggest draw. We were cleaned out of the majority of what we had in the first ten minutes! As the day went on, people consistently filtered in and out, got some free food, clothes and household items, and talked to us about how their days were going, what the community is like, and a bit about what they want to see changed. People were very friendly and receptive to us–we made some good contacts and several walked away ready to read some Fred Hampton!

We are a mass line organization, and that means we learn from the masses what their problems are, gather ideas from the masses about what to do about them, process these ideas into a revolutionary context, and propagate their refined ideas back amongst them. We understand that the practice of the masses are where correct ideas come from, and that it is the masses who make history. Class struggle is the motivating force of history, and we side firmly with the working class–including the disabled and those unable to work–in their struggle not just to survive, but to bury the ruling class, the exploiting capitalists and their capitalist system.

To do this we must organize the masses for revolution, but in order to do that we must be with the masses, make their struggles our own, and meet their material needs. This cookout and free store was only our first step in building relationships with people, meeting their needs, and, most importantly, in building this community power together. We are enthusiastic and excited for the people here, for our revolutionary future together!

Power anywhere where there’s people, y’all

Serve the people, build our communities, build the revolution!


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.