“Don’t destroy yourself – destroy the enemy!” Campaign in Hamburg

Don’t destroy yourself – destroy the enemy!

The campaign’s first posters have been installed and it will really take off in the following days !

You can also find a couple of pictures and a first short text about the campaign below.

Our City – Our Life – Our Hamburg

Hamburg is a city of many contrasts. On the one hand there are bigwigs who don’t know what to do with their wealth, and on the other hand there are unemployed, low-paid workers, families and young people who have to make careful use of every cent.

The bad social and economic situation and the pressure that goes along with it are pushing more and more people to look for apparent “ways out”. This leads to robbery, senseless violence and even to drug consumption.

Precisely because of this, mainly young people sniff or inject random stuff, although they clearly know that it attacks their body and their psyche, and can also destroy them. Everyone knows that drugs of all kinds are addictive or attack the body in some way. There are no exceptions !

Many of us and you know, if not from personal experience in the family or circle of acquaintances, then mostly through indirect accounts, the stories of paranoid cocaine addicts, freaks that got stucked on LSD, psychologically finished victims of party drugs and speed junkies in high spirits with gnawed teeth. But still, many people see drugs as their only way to escape from their too dull everyday life and from the concomitant social pressure in capitalism that forces people to perform always better. Of course it is easy to divert your attention from life in this way. If one messes up his head every weekend at parties with drugs of all kinds, at least that’s something they can look forward to during the week.

Drugs create a new, more beautiful, or, to be precise, more bearable reality. One too gladly forgets the risk they expose themselves to. They believe : “Nothing will happen to me and I have everything under control.” But, especially for teens, the damage caused by such practices is usually irreparable and the long-term consequences are hardly foreseeable.

At the end of the day, this behavior only benefits a few, the ruling elite, the bourgeoisie. This flight from reality distracts the masses from oppression and from the social problems in their own country. This prevents, among other things, that the masses unite and, together, expose and fight the cause of their problems – capitalism. Precisely for this reason, a strong red proletarian working-class youth is needed to politicize, mobilize and finally organize the masses to struggle against capitalism !

Get in contact with us so that we can break our chains together!


-Revolutionäres Kollektiv Hamburg-

Source: https://jugendwiderstand.blogspot.com/2018/09/zerstore-nicht-dich-zerstore-den-feind.html

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.