Meeting for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah – Saturday, March 19th

Saturday, March 19th at 7 pm, CICP 21 rue Voltaire 75011 Paris



The year 2015 was a year in which the civilian population in metropolitan France suffered massacre attacks. The French State used this particular situation to intensify its repressive system internally and its military system externally.

Our response to this extraordinary situation must be the convergence of resistance implying: the fight against imperialism and state terrorism (especially that of the Zionist state); against state violence (military, police, administrative), state racism, repression and fascisation of the state in general, directed against peoples and the popular classes of districts in particular; fight for the just and legitimate right to revolt and emancipation; fight for the liberation of revolutionary political prisoners.

Georges Abdallah – a Lebanese communist militant fighting for the national liberation struggle of Palestine, imprisoned in the prisons of the French state for over 31 years – concentrates in himself all these political struggles. For this reason we say that he is part of our struggle and we are part of his battle, and that if there is a state of emergency to be decreed, it is indeed one for the liberation of Abdallah!


Against imperialism

November 13th 2015 will remain the date, for France’s foreign policy, when permission was given to French military forces to intensify the bombing and attacks on Syria and the region. French imperialism under the cover of the fight against terrorism deployed all its arsenal of war to establish its hegemony and preserve its interests. Civilian populations massacred, displaced and denied their most essential rights are only collateral damage for the warmongers. This chaos and terror are imposed on the people only for the benefit of strategic interests and pillaging wars of imperialism. George Abdallah throughout his life struggled and still struggles against imperialism and wars against peoples, and in this he is fully part of our struggle.

For Palestine

The struggle of Georges Abdallah is also that of armed resistance – the one in which he actively participated in defending Lebanon against Zionist aggression and for the national liberation struggle of Palestine. This struggle remains at the heart of current events. The Palestinian people continue to resist and fight ceaselessly, committing themselves today to the path of a third Intifada and calling on the popular resistance to develop its attacks against the Zionist occupier in all possible forms of struggle. Popular armed resistance is one of these forms of struggle, for the liberation of all of Palestine.

Against repression and for the right to revolt

Violence and state repression continues to grow stronger, militarising even under the cover of the state of emergency – a real colonial weapon used during the war against the Algerian people, against the Kanak people, and, more recently, (in times of peace!) in 2005 against the working-class districts. Searches at any time, house arrests, preventative repression, taking masses of political opponents into custody, recording and policing at all times, intensification of police violence, immediate and uncontrolled use of the right to kill given to repressive forces, generalized and institutionalized control based on ethnic profiling: all this has become the normality that they impose and that we fight.

One of the objectives of the rulers is to establish under the cover of high security tension an ever-increasing climate of fear by using the weapon of Islamophobia to guide popular discontent against foreigners, immigrants, the homeless, and those without documents to ultimately divide the exploited while they have every interest to unite. This harassment and repression are mainly directed against the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods and particularly against their discriminated youth and militants. The fascisation of power bases itself on state racism and organised mass unemployment; it is about dividing to better oppress and exploit. The criminalisation of social and syndicalist action, such as the recent severe penalties imposed on Air France and Goodyear trade unionists, also goes in this direction. Faced with such a repressive and freedom-constraining state, a single watchword merits opposition: that of just and legitimate right to revolt. It is this basis that also unites our struggles with that of Georges Abdallah.

For the release of revolutionary political prisoners

The struggle of Georges Abdallah is that of a Communist fighter in prison, arrested and detained for the political struggle that was his, for ideas and ideals that he has never ceased to proclaim and never deny. His resistance is fully aligned with that of all those who are now fighting the system and reject its domination over society and peoples. It was for his ideas of emancipation that Georges Abdallah engaged in the struggle. It is for them and his revolutionary struggle that he is still detained today. For this we demand his immediate and unconditional release.

Georges Abdallah fought and continues to fight in prison, for the emancipatory struggle of the proletariat and the peoples of the world. He fights for a world rid of the capitalist system and imperialism and the relations of domination that they cause and which are responsible for the misery of billions of people. Georges Abdallah fights as a communist combatant.

To fight for the revolution is to continue the struggle of Georges Abdallah! Let’s struggle to demand his liberation and thus our own freedom, for our own emancipation.






United Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Initial signatories: le CRI Rouge – le Comité pour un S.R.I de Baiona – Rouge vif 13 – Comité de Solidarité Tunisien pour la Libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah – Comité de défense populaire aux luttes du peuple Tunisien – CLGIA (Collectif pour la Libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah) – Parti Communiste Maoïste – FUIQP (Front Uni des Immigrations et des Quartiers Populaires) – Camarades du soutien de Bagnolet – Groupe d’associations de Bagnolet (GAB) – Comité Anti-impérialiste – Le Comité d’action et de soutien aux luttes du peuple Marocain – UPOTUDAK (comité international de solidarité avec les prisonniers politiques) – Plateforme des prisonniers politiques du Kurdistan et de la Turquie – La Voie Révolutionnaire du 17 décembre – OCML Voie Prolétarienne – Parti des Indigènes de la République (P.I.R) – Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs (CNT) – CAPJPO Euro Palestine – Libérons Georges 33 – Action Antifasciste NP2C – Comité solidarité Georges Abdallah Lille – Collectif de soutien à la Résistance Palestinienne 59 – Comité « Libérez-Les » de soutien aux prisonniers et réfugiés politiques 59/62 – Collectif « bassin minier » pour la libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah – Secours Rouge Arabe – Rassemblement organisé des communistes Marxistes Léninistes (ROCML) – Association Nationale des Communistes (ANC) – Secours Rouge de Belgique – Secours Rouge International

In the context of the national coalition campaign demanding the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah – Actions also in GRENOBLE, MARSEILLE, BORDEAUX around March 19th


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.