Germany: 18 March – Demonstration for the Liberation of All Political Prisoners

We began this year’s day of struggle for the release of all political prisoners at noon. On short notice, we held a rally on Hermannplatz in Neukölln.

With roughly 35 participants, supported by the comrades of Dev Genc / Halk Cephesi (Revolutionary Youth / Popular Front) and ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe), we held this rally and were able to reach many residents as well as people passing by.

Several hundred flyers were distributed, multiple speeches held. Apart from last year’s speech, which is still very much up-to-date, and the call to rally there was also a new speech of Jugendwiderstand which was in its form directed to our class-brothers and -sisters in the district. Also the Popular Front held a speech for their comrade Musa Asoglu who remains incarcerated since December. They also read aloud a greeting of ATIK-YDG (New Democratic Youth). Fitting music was played and slogans like “Freedom for all Political Prisoners”, “Solidarity means Resistance – Combat Fascism everywhere” and “FRG is not our state – all Power to the Proletariat” were called.

The rally was ended at a point that made it possible to join a protest launched by an anti-repression-alliance in Moabit.

Even though we are convinced that that protest’s introductory statement and it’s main slogan “Abolish jails – Freedom for ALL” are wrong, idealist and petty-bourgeois and even though we believe that especially at this date we should express solidarity specifically to ‘our’ political prisoners, we participated in the protest with a small block. Also, a protest in proletarian districts would have been more purposeful.

More than a hundred people protested in solidarity, passing by the Court and going to the JVA Moabit (local penitentiary), where the protest ended in close proximity to the jail. Alongside ATIK, Halk Cephesi, the Network for the Freedom of all Political Prisoners, anarchists and unorganized people, there were also some Palestinian comrades participating.

We hope sincerely, that next year there can again be a stronger action for our comrades, imprisoned on the basis of their anti-imperialism – the relevance of this day and of this part of struggle commend us to that.

The prisoners are our dignity!

Red Salute to 18th march



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C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.