Two Day Ceasefire Announced By CPP-NPA To Celebrate The Party’s 55th Anniversary

National Operational Command | New People’s Army | CPP Central Committee | Communist Party Of The Philippines

December 23, 2023

Central Committee, Communist Party of the Philippines
National Operations Command, New People’s Army

December 23, 2023

To mark the significance of the upcoming 55th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines, we hereby declare to all units of the New People’s Army across the country to observe a two-day suspension of tactical offensives starting at 0001 hours of December 25 and ending on 2359 hours of December 26.

The two-day ceasefire aims to allow the peasant masses and NPA units in their area to conduct assemblies, meetings or gatherings to celebrate the Party’s anniversary, look back at past achievements, and pay tribute to all heroes and martyrs of the Philippine revolution. This ceasefire declaration is also in solidarity with people’s traditional holiday celebrations.

In the face of the relentless offensives, state terrorism and fascist crimes of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), all units of the NPA are placed in high alert and must be vigilant and ready to act in self-defense to counter and frustrate hostile movement or actions of enemy units within the scope of the NPA’s guerrilla fronts and areas of operations. The NPA and the masses are advised to maintain a high level of secrecy in the conduct of their activities.

Guerrilla offensives of the NPA can resume immediately at 0001 hours of December 27. Amid worsening economic crisis and intensifying oppression under the Marcos regime, the NPA must continue to carry out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare to fight state terrorism and defend the people’s democratic rights and interests.

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