TKP/ML TIKKO Dersim Region Command: ”12 comrades of ours have been martyred”

The TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist) TIKKO (Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey) Dersim Region Command issued a statement about their martyrs who died during an army operation at Aliboğazı region of the Dersim province, during 24-28 of November last year. In the statement TKP/ML TIKKO Dersim Region Command states that the guerillas died after a fierce battle with the fascist forces which also resulted in dead and wounded soldiers. Also it is stated that because of winter conditions and communication problems with the base areas the number of the martyrs was declared 8, but the real number is 12.

In the Dersim province of Turkey heavy fighting between guerillas of various groups have been going on for the last year. Dozens of guerillas have been murdered by state forces varying from TKP/ML TIKKO, DHKP-C, PKK and MLKP. A lot of the bodies of fallen guerillashave still not been found or are in a severely damaged state that they cannot be recognized.

Names of the martyrs:

Codename: Ahmet / Yetiş Yalnız / 1980 Born in France

Codename: Munzur / Serkan Lamba / 1985 Born in Maraş

Codename: Aşkın / Hasan Karakoç / 1980 Born in Dersim

Codename: Cem / Umut Polat / 1993 Born in Dersim

Codename: Bakış / Samet Tosun / 1996 Born in Tokat

Codename: Orhan / Alişêr Bulut / 1992 Born in Dersim

Codename: Tuncay / Murat / 1993 Born in Pertek

Codename: Hakan / Ersin Erel / 1987 Born in Dersim

Codename: Ferdi / Doğuş Fırat / 1998 Born in Erzincan

Codename: Zilan / Esrin Güngör / 1995 Born in Dersim

Codename: Özlem / Hatayi Balcı / 1994 Born Dersim

Codename: Ekin / Gamze Gülkaya / 1995 Born in Dersim

More details to follow soon.

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.