Support the Revolution in the Philippines – Victory to People’s War!

Supporters of Jugendwiderstand recently spent more than a month with and within the revolutionary movement in the Philippines. It’s the most silenced revolution in the world. In the Philippines, a protracted people’s war is taking place. In the depths of the jungle and in the mountains of the 100 million inhabitants of the archipelago, the ranks of the New People’s Army are growing. In the cities, the oppressed – workers, youth, women, the urban poor – are developing their own mass organizations that fight for their own rights while they work and serve the armed struggle to take the power of the country. Despite the huge counterrevolutionary terrorism of the US-Duterte regime, comrades all over the country carry out their tasks without stopping and they learn from their mistakes.

At the head of this heroic and sacrificial people’s struggle against their exploiters and oppressors – against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism – is the Communist Party of the Philippines. It’s not a reformist and legalistic electoral club like the bourgeois parties, but an illegal war machine that organizes and leads the revolution from underground, in the middle of the people’s war.

The Philippines is an incredibly resource-rich country. These are plundered by foreign powers and their local henchmen and none of them benefits the people who live in poverty, misery and filth and are forced to fight for their existence day by day. But the Filipino communists demonstrate how to defend themselves and fight against that situation! His revolution is leaded against the interests of the US and other imperialists and can not be manipulated by any other power, and that is why our media keep it deliberately silenced!

The media wants us to not take an example of their struggle. Let’s take an example then! Let us learn from the revolutionary movement of the communists of the Philippines, let us unite with them and wage the same war.

We hereby inaugurate a month of solidarity with the people’s war in the Philippines, as moral support for the comrades and to spread their silenced revolution in our country. During this month, our supporters will also hold events in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Weserbergland, Magdeburg and Berlin, where they will report on the people’s war and the revolutionary movement, its history, ideology, current practice and perspectives. We urge all revolutionary and anti-imperialist organizations and groups to also act and support the campaign.

Support the Revolution in the Philippines – Victory to People’s War!

March 2018



C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.