Consecutive Offensives, Launched by the NPA against the pro-US AFP

At 6:00 am on the same day, an NPA team, using a command-detonated explosive (CDX), blasted 2 trucks loaded with 15 or more soldiers, on their way to reinforce the AFP troops in Barangay Dumagmang. The demolition took place at a distance of around 400 meters from the 9th IB detachment in Barangay Mahawan-hawan, Labo. A firefight also ensued, which lasted for 10-15 minutes. On the side of the AFP, Corporal Rey Lota was killed, while four more soldiers were wounded. There were no casualties on the side of the NPA.

The CDX used by the NPA is different from the landmines which are banned by the Ottawa Treaty, which explode upon contact. The CDX used by the NPA explode only when the the designated bomber pushes the trigger of the blasting machine. This way, those in command can analyze the situation before ordering the bomber to push the trigger. The CDX is a legitimate weapon of war, unlike the indiscriminate airstrikes used by the AFP.

These offensives serve as an answer of the Armando Catapia Command to the continuing all-out-war campaign of the Armed Force of the Philippines, and the AFP-instigated Martial Law which led to US interference in Mindanao. The onslaught of offensive operations in the all-out-war of the pro-US AFP has led to widespread violations of human rights. Through Martial Law, the trigger-happy AFP now wields more authority in silencing and harassing the common people.

To counter the AFP’s fascism and to defend the masses, the Communist Party of the Philippines ordered the New People’s Army to launch more tactical offensives. The masses can rely only on its Revolutionary Army, especially now that Duterte has proven to be a pawn of the AFP, the pillar of US rule in the Philippines.

The Armando Catapia Command calls upon all its units to continue launching tactical offensives to uphold the rights and interests of the masses. Strengthening the revolutionary armed struggle leads to more power to the masses in upholding their right towards achieving genuine freedom and peace.

Carlito Cada, Spokesperson
NPA-Camarines Norte (Armando Catapia Command)
23 June 2017


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.