Paris: Meeting on the People’s War in the Philippines and in India

On Friday, April 19, a talk was held in Paris, within the framework of the Anti-Imperialist week, about the People’s War in India and in the Philippines, where Christophe Kistler, coordinator of Redspark spoke about the People’s War in the Philippines and the Galician anthropologist Adolfo Naya spoke about People’s War in India.

Comrade Christophe made a historical account from Spanish colonialism to the later Yankee, that led to the creation of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the beginning of the People’s War, contributing very interesting data on the current situation of the People’s War and the situation of the heroic New People’s Army (NPA) that this year fulfilled its 50th anniversary.

Comrade Adolfo wanted to emphasize the importance of being in a city where historical moments of the class struggle happened, such as the Paris Commune, May 68, the Banlieues Revolts and now the yellow jacket movement. He also reminded the figure of Comrade Pierre, deceased more than a year ago, in a fatal accident, as well as the struggle of the political prisoner George Abdallah.

He initiated his conference calling for immediate freedom for Professor GN Saibaba and all political prisoners in India and in the world, emphasizing the importance of internationalist solidarity with political prisoners in India, as well as to stop the genocide Operation “Green Hunt”.

He also called for solidarity with the People’s War in India, because of the importance of a revolutionary communist movement and the present and future of a struggle for a new society without exploitation, without racism, castes and patriarchy, not only for India but for the whole world. Emphasizing the importance of the creation of true revolutionary communist parties in the imperialist states as a way of supporting the People’s War in India.

His intervention ended by stating that he was also an “urban naxal” and with a warm, “Lal Salaam!”


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.