MCPM: About the Raid on the Indian Army Camp on the Night of 4-5th February

The raid at the camp of the Indian occupational army located at Sagolmang Imphal East on the intervening night of Feb 4th-5th was carried out by the Maoist Communist Party Manipur and all our comrades who took part in the raid are back unscathed, waiting for the next mission.

The recent cowardly murder of two workers by the low live thugs, who are actually Armed State Actors SOO, was not taken lightly by the MCPM and units were formed & dispatched to hunt down these vultures immediately. Three such search & destroy units, each led by Comrade Achanglen Meetei & two others Deputy commanders of the New People’s Militia respectively, are currently assigned at different locations for this mission and we pray & hope it will be completed ASAP.

A unit led by Comrade Sameirang Meetei nearly established contact with the thugs and was about to engage them when they bolted and ran inside the occupational force’s camp located at Sagolmang,taking refuge. The protective shield provided by the occupational forces to these thugs (and other SOO groups including Muivah’s prodigal Nagas) clearly shows who are actually behind the breakdown of the state of law & order of our homeland.

The pursuing special unit however was not unfazed but engaged the thugs and their protectors in their own turf. Their camp was however protected with concrete walls and barbed wires with raised sentry posts at different strategic locations.

Our unit decisively split into two groups and as one group crossed the perimeter of the camp chasing the thugs and engaging them, the other half stayed back for the any covering assault fire. The thugs and their protectors were flabbergasted at the audacity of the brazen assault and they kept flashing their search lights to locate our almost invisible well camouflaged team members. Their frustration to locate our team members and engage us was very evident as no movements was seen inside their camps but we could hear only foul rants in their native tongue.

As the search & destroy unit had not anticipated such development, it is very unfortunate that we had to pull out after a few hours of engaging the enemies. Our encirclement of the camp and pinning them down was such that no enemy personals were able to make any movement or any retaliatory fire.

Though the mission was not a successful one, the MCPM clearly sent a message to the those low live thugs that their acts brazen murder of any workers or any acts which endanger the existence of the nearly 3000 years old state are unforgivable, and they will be hunted down & death will follow them like their shadows.

The MCPM unit engaging the enemies were all prepared for a firefight with MCPM personals prepared to thwart ant reinforcements and it was a indeed a night for the MCPM unit team to learn how the so called ‘surgical strike” valiant enemy cowering behind their bunkers with none daring to make a move to engage us. They probably knew that it could their last move they ever make, as we were a Ghost Unit to them.

Our words of commitment to the public that the Manipur Maoist stands for the public & the workers, will remain true till our last breath and till the last beat of our hearts,and mention also may be made that since the beginning of 2106 we have been after these SOO groups and their protectors, the enemies of the state. Our pullout in that incident was not a cowardly retreat but a tactical withdrawal to avoid any collateral damage to the public and any foolhardy loss to our unit too. The public should well know by now that most of our enemies are entrenched amongst us and are our own people & inhabitants, and so an outright assault on them may incur many a collateral loss of lives & properties leading to undesirable communal rift. Slow we may be in conducting such a mission, but we will always be on the forefront to deliver justice. It may be delayed but will never be denied.

The MCPM once again reaffirm our commitment to all the people of Manipur that we remain true to the core teachings of Marxism&Lenninsm and following the path of the late comrade Hijam Irabot, we will remain committed to the people, for the people and with the people; not individual personal collection of booties.

Maoist Communist Party of Manipur

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.