Support for the People’s War in India

On the occasion of the 3 international days of support for the People’s War in India (see Support for People’s War in India: three international days of actions on 29-30-31 January 2015), the Bloc Rouge participated in two actions.

The first was the meeting organized by the Red Internationalist Collective (for the defense of revolutionary prisoners) [CRI Rouge].

With a good participation, the statements of the CRI Rouge, the Bloc Rouge, the Anti-Imperialist Committee, the Support Committee for the Moroccan People’s Struggle, the ATIK and the OCML-VP were followed by the showing of a documentary on the struggle of Maoists in India.

A debate on the necessity of building the movement of support, and how to strenghten it followed. This rich debate was based on an evaluation of the work already done in our country but also at the international level. In our opinion, several points have clearly emerged:

  • The desire to push the work of support in a more a unitary way,
  • The necessary struggle against our own imperialism,
  • The promotion of alternative development to capitalism set up through popular governments in areas controlled by the Maoists,
  • The inclusion of our work in the campaigns carried out at the international level.

The second action was the deployment of a banner in front of the Indian Consulate, calling for the release of political prisoners.

It is high time to strneghten the work of solidarity with the People’s War in India!

We call all interested forces to take part in activities of support!


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.