Galiza/Europe: New question from the MEP Lidia Senra on the situation of Professor GN Saibaba

From the “Galician Committee of Support to People’s War in India” we have just know that the Galician member of the European Parliament, Lidia Senra, has just asked the European Commission a new question about the serious situation in which Professor GN Saibaba is. In this new question, she accuses the European Union of being an accomplice of the torture and subhuman conditions that the Professor is suffering in prison.

Official link in English: Written question – Professor GN Saibaba life sentence -E-006242/2017

As you are aware from the letter sent on 29 March 2017 and your response written on 15 May 2017 on the same subject, Dr G. N. Saibaba, a professor and international human rights activist, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Indian government on charges of being a ‘frightful Maoist’ along with five other human rights activists. He has been in jail since 8 March 2017. The extremely difficult conditions to which he is being subjected in prison are exacerbated by his almost full paralysis and recently diagnosed pancreatitis, factors which, combined with the authorities’ refusal to give him the medicine he needs, are turning his life into a daily torture. People fear more for his life with each day that passes, as his wife has revealed to the NHRC.

1. Does the Commission believe that the Indian government is complying with the condition laid down in the Strategic EU-India cooperation agreement (SEC(2004)768) that the country must uphold human rights?

2. Does the Commission want to be complicit in the Indian government’s torture and potential murder of Dr G. N. Saibaba?