Bangladesh: Celebrating the centenary of the Great Soviet Socialist Revolution

Workers of the world, unite!
Get equipped from the learning of the great Soviet Socialist Revolution!

Dear Comrades,

The Soviet Socialist Revolution of 1917, occured one hundred years ago, is a landmark milestone in the history of human liberation struggle. Under the direction of Comrade Lenin and the Bolshevik Party, the oppressed people under the leadership of the working class occupy power in Russia in this tremendous revolution. By overthrowing the exploiter-owner class, including the bourgeoisie from the power, establishes the state of the dictatorship of the working class. Through this, the only way to liberate humanity, the revolutionary journey in the way Marx-Engels marked, on the path of socialism-communism started.

In order to take this fight forward, the working class and the oppressed people around the world are celebrating the centenary of the Soviet Revolution in huge revival. We are also observing various programs in this country. The main program was held in Dhaka on 10 November. The next program will be held in Rajshahi on 17 November. We are inviting you to attend all the events of the centennial celebrations.

Thanking you
Souvik Reza
The Soviet Socialist Revolution’s Centennial Celebration Committee, Rajshahi


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.