Turkish army massacres 18 civilians in Bab

According to ANHA News Agency, Turkish and coalition warplanes bombarded the village of Til Tana to the north of Bab last night around 00:00. 18 civilians were killed and many others were injured during the bombardment.

Mahmut Yahya and his 3 children, Mihemmed Mistefa and his 3 children, a member of the Şikri Reşo family and 3 members of the Reşit family are among the massacred civilians. 3 more people died during the warplanes’ bombardment of Cibbel Asim village. Civilians injured during the bombardment were not allowed to be taken to hospitals for treatment.

Nearly two thousand civilians have migrated to Efrîn canton because of the bombardment of villages to the north of Bab during the 43 daylong Turkish occupation.


The occupant Turkish army also attacked Til Kîf village to the east of Amûdê last night, and soldiers shot fires at civilians. ANHA reports stated that Turkish soldiers shot fires at the village for more than half an hour, and the number of civilian casualties has not yet been clarified.

Source: https://anfenglish.com/kurdistan/turkish-army-massacres-18-civilians-in-bab