The Glorious Inception of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine Is a New Dawn in the History of the Revolution, the People and the Fatherland

• 50 years: three generations in the struggle for return, for self-determination and for the independent Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem;

• 50 years in the armed struggle, the Intifada and popular resistance;

• 50 years in the struggle for the preservation of the unity of the people, its cause and its rights under the banner of the PLO, its only legitimate representative;

• 50 years of struggle in defense of the right to return and social, humanitarian and day-to-day issues of refugees;

• 50 years and the flame of the new and democratic Palestinian left lightens up the path ahead and refutes darkness.

Our people, its political forces, its activists, liberating, democratic and social currents and their friends in the Arab region and in the world celebrate each year, on February 22, the glorious beginning of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a new dawn in the history of the Revolution, the people and the fatherland. A pioneering and advanced experience for the Palestinian and the Arab left.

This year’s anniversary is marked as the “Golden Jubilee”: it has already been 50 years of struggle. Three generations of combatants have built this erection on their shoulders, on the ideological, political, organizational, popular and military fields, and led them from their advanced positions of leadership, always close to the struggle and sacrifices of our people. Offering thousands of martyrs and dozens of thousands injured and maimed, who forged for the people –with their blood, pains, sufferings and sweats— their glorious struggle and served its national unity, the unity of their cause and of their rights everywhere they might be.

On this glorious day, in which the memory of martyrs continues to be the strongest, fidelity vis-à-vis their blood continues to be the orientation, and sentiments are addressed to each militant of our Palestinian national movement, to each prisoner in the cells of occupation, to each martyr’s family; at the start of another year that goes to its record of struggle, a struggle charged with national duties and with the role that it assumes, the Front affirms the following:

• The closeness and strengthening of the national unity of our people on the ground, in the fatherland and in the diaspora, the unity of their cause, their national right and their national program, under the banner of the PLO as its sole legitimate representative. To continue the struggle for the democratic reform of PLO institutions and to develop the bases of the coalition in accordance with the principles of national participation, under the slogan “Partners in blood … partners in decision-making.”

• To reject “Trump’s Agreement” and US-Israeli expansionist projects that pretend to eliminate the Palestinian question, and to work for the implementation of the decisions of the Central (15-01-2018) and National (30-04-2018) Councils, to leave behind the Oslo Agreements, to withdraw the recognition of Israel, to cease coordination with the security apparatus of the occupation forces, to de-link from the Israeli economy, to withdraw Palestinian workforce from the settlements, to recover the register of population in the territories now in the hands of the Civilian Administration of occupation and to abandon the use of shekels.

• To give impetus to every form of popular resistance, towards an integral uprising and on the path towards a complete national disobedience, until the Zionist enemy abandons our occupied land.

• To transfer the national cause to the United Nations with three projects: the active membership of the state of Palestine, the international protection of our people and our land against occupation and to convene an international conference under the auspices of the five permanent members of the Security Council, with the aim of achieving a Palestinian independent state enjoying full sovereignty over its borders prior to 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and solving the problem of refugees by virtue of Resolution 194, which guarantees them the right to return to their homes and properties from which they were expelled since 1948.

• To intensify the energies of the Palestinian Democratic Grouping in all its components, from factions, social and civilian actors and independent national figures, to provide democratic alternatives to the issues of our people according to its agreed national and social program.

• To continue the struggle to put an end to division, and to recover internal unity, and to rebuild unitary national institutions of every component of the Palestinian national situation through clean, transparent, free, global elections with the system of full proportional representation and closed lists.

• To develop relationships of struggle with our people on the occupied territories since 1948 and to build coordination mechanisms that would unite our people’s struggle vis-à-vis occupation, colonialism and the totality of racist and fascist Zionist laws.

• To develop relationships between the parties and leftwing, democratic and progressive Arab forces to build the Progressive Arab Front in order to resist normalization and to defend the interests and rights of our Arab peoples on matters of freedom, democracy, social justice and security and stability.

• To strengthen the relationships of struggle with leftwing, democratic and progressive forces, peace-loving forces and forces active in the service of humanity in the world, against wars, aggression, subordination and the new imperialist policies of the United States, in the defense of international legitimacy and its institutions in the United Nations and other international organs.

While seeing off another year of struggle full of sacrifices and welcoming a new year charged with duties, requests, demands and challenges, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine renews its commitment with its people, its cause, its rights and the sacrifices of its martyrs, its wounded, prisoners and combatants, until the achievement of victory for our people, all its legitimate national rights are recovered and occupation and colonization of our occupied land are defeated.

• Long live the 50th Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) of the glorious foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

• Long live the PLO, the sole and legitimate representative of our Palestinian people

Eternity to martyrs!
Recovery for the wounded!
Freedom for prisoners!
Glory to the fatherland!

Central Committee
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
February 22, 2019


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.