The Democratic Front announced the fall of comrade Razan An-Najjar, martyr of humanitarian and national duty in the March of Return

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced the fall of its martyr, the heroic comrade Razan Ashraf An-Najjar, a member of the Union of Women Work Committees – Women Union of Democratic Front – who was killed while performing her humanitarian and national work, helping the wounded people during the March of Return, on Friday “From Gaza to Haifa, the Same Blood and the Same Destiny”.

The DFLP praised the noble and humanitarian role played by the martyr Razan, participating in the March for Return and End the Siege on a regular basis, week after week, at the service of our people, assisting the injured.

It affirmed that the pure blood of the comrade Razan is a testimony of the Israeli occupying State terrorism and his continuous aggression against our people. It also saluted and praised the masses of our loyal people who participated massively on the tenth Friday of the March of Return, and considered that this participation confirms their determination to face the occupation policies by fighting for the return and end the siege.

And it called on international human rights organizations to document the incident of the martyr Razan’s cold-blooded murder, at the hands of Israeli occupation forces, when she was helping the wounded people along with her colleagues of the Medical Committees.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Gaza; June 1st, 2018


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.