Revolutionary greetings to the MCPM from the PCM on the occasion of the September Celebrations for Comrade Irabot in Manipur

This message was published in the revolutionary press in Manipur in late September.

Dear comrades from Manipur, dear comrades from the rest of the world.

This is a message from the Parti Communiste Maoïste/Maoist Communist Party, from the French State.

First of all, we address our most sincere red and revolutionary salutes to all the comrades present today as it is these events which show the profound meaning of proletarian internationalism. We wish for this venue to bring the International Communist Movement closer to the reconstitution of an International Organization forged in the two-line struggle for unity.

Here in the French State, the situation of the class struggle corresponds to the one of most of the old imperialist countries. The French State, an imperialist state, oppresses the people in its direct colonies and in its semi-colonies all over the world. Its new leader as of 2017, Macron, has made sure to operate a strengthening of French dominance in Africa for example, following the path of his predecessors. The dirty wars fought by the French imperialists in the last few years include Libya, Syria or Mali, and aim at defending or expanding the influence of French imperialism in these countries. The relationship of the French imperialist state with the Indian state include recent agreements to sell French military aircraft (Rafale) to the Indian military.
As communists from an imperialist state, it is our duty to denounce it and its crimes against the peoples of the world with the loudest and clearest voice.

Inside the French state, the class contradiction is deepening. Macron’s gouvernment, in only one year of political power, has been increasing its attacks on the people through reforms and laws directed at the dissolution of the last remnants of social-democracy and trade-union victories from the past century. More and more people are being thrown in the proletariat and the false promise of class elevation has now withered away. Mass movements and demonstrations have been the answers to these reforms, but the old organizations leading them have long ago become social-democrat and revisionist strongholds, making them unable to make any gains from these mobilizations.
As communists, our work is to merge with the deepest and broadest masses of our state and to help them forge the party, the combating force and the united front by adapting the strategy of Protracted People’s War to our specific conditions. It is with this mission in mind that we undertake all our actions in the proletariat and masses from the French State. Our efforts have currently identified the proletarian youth, the proletarian women and the working-class as the three major sectors of the masses from which to build revolutionary organizations.

Through its constant restructuring of the State apparatus in the last 50 years, the French monopoly bourgeoisie and its politicians lackeys have enabled the rise of fascism again. Despite pretending to combat it, the whole bourgeoisie is becoming more and more sympathetic to this rise of fascism and lets fascist groups develop. In addition, the strengthening of surveillance laws and police attributions in the French State is to be noted. In reaction to the impunity of policemen who committed crimes against the people such as murder or rape, mass movements have emerged in the last few years from the masses to address this issue, deeply related to the racist character of the current imperialist society. As communists, we work as anti-fascists to unmask the state reforms for what they really are, that is, paving stones on the way to fascism. We work as anti-fascists to stop fascists groups from taking ground in our communities and to expel them completely from our neighbourhoods.

Finally as communists, our work is directed towards worldwide revolution. As the proletariat is an international class, so are its organizations, grounded in proletarian internationalism. We want to assure you, comrades, of our commitment to learn from your struggle in Manipur and from the struggle of the comrades worldwide, and we hope to share our insights grasped from practice in all the occasions that will see our paths cross. We salute the great initiative of this event and wish for it to be a great success.

Red Salutes ! Saluts Rouges !

From the Parti Communiste Maoïste/Maoist Communist Party


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.